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Dawn Foods launches first vegan certified sponge cake mix

Dawn Foods announced the launch of a vegan sponge cake mix. The Dawn Balance® Vegan Sponge Cake Mix is V-label certified and provides the same functionality, texture and taste experience as a regular sponge cake mix.

The challenge in making a good vegan sponge is the high amount of eggs use (approximately 40%) to achieve its typical soft, light, fluffy and airy texture.

“We are proud to now offer the possibility to create vegan sponge cakes and swiss rolls, without compromising on taste or functionality”, said Marie Frigo, Category Marketing Manager, Dry Ingredients, for Dawn Foods Europe & AMEAP. “Interest in veganism has witnessed rapid growth over recent years and as consumer demand continues to increase, vegan sweet bakery products are becoming a ‘must have’ in the bakery industry. This sponge cake mix is a great addition to our existing vegan ingredient portfolio.”

Dawn’s vegan bakery ingredients range comprises American mixes, including a newly added vegan cake donut mix and fillings (e.g., the new Dawn Balance® Delicream Caramel and naturally vegan fruit fillings).

Photo: Dawn Foods