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IPCO launches laser belt cleaning system

IPCO launched a new, self-contained laser cleaning system that can be used on-site. It was developed in partnership with laser specialists, with the aim of lowering cleaning times by at least half, IPCO says, with minimal disruption to other lines. The goal of the system was “to deliver significant improvements in oven productivity,” says IPCO.

A typical baking oven belt can be cleaned in a day, depending on belt size and level of build-up. By comparison, cleaning the belt by hand or dry ice can take two days or more, the company explains. Full production can resume right after cleaning with this system, there are no ‘waste’ batches. In addition, IPCO observes that product discharge is “noticeably improved”.

Another benefit of this technology is that this is a clean process: in most cases, adjacent lines will not need to be closed down.

The launch was announced just ahead of IPCO’s fifth anniversary as a standalone company, which was celebrated on December 1. Previously operating as Sandvik Process Systems, the company has been active in the industry for 121 years.

Photos: IPCO