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Schubert to showcase snack packaging solutions
Schubert Marketing

Gerhard Schubert will start the 2024 exhibition year with ProSweets Cologne. From January 28 to 31, the machine manufacturer will highlight the TLM Comfort Feeder, an entirely new solution for feeding carton blanks designed for efficiency and prioritizing resource-saving. The Schubert experts will also guide visitors through the portfolio of solutions for the automated and sustainable packaging of snacks and confectionery at several thematic islands. 

The new TLM Comfort Feeder will run live demonstrations at the stand, which is designed to fix process delays that can arise when the packaging line’s blank magazine runs empty. The machine can be loaded with the entire pallet of blanks, which are still in the cutting sheet. An F4 robot then pulls the individual blanks directly from the sheet and feeds them into the erecting process at a rate of 60 cycles per minute. This procedure also allows for the cut sheet to be further optimized regarding the use of the packaging material, saving resources and costs.

Other solutions highlighted for snack manufacturers include packaging lines in which products are fed via several side conveyor belts so that different product variants can enter the packaging process at the same time. This enables a wide range of assortment configurations to be processed, such as mixed biscuit packs or selections of savory snacks.


Photo: To feed the Comfort Feeder, only the complete pallet of the blanks needs to be placed into the line. Credit: Schubert