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UK: Wildfarmed launches regenerative bread range

Wildfarmed partnered with Waitrose to launch its first bread range throughout the UK. Founded by Andy Cato, George Lamb and Edd Lees, Wildfarmed specializes in regenerative food and farming business. The goal of the collaboration is to make regenerative farming mainstream. From May 1, five different breads from Wildfarmed were introduced, including sliced white, sourdough and rolls – in Waitrose stores. A baguette and flour will also be introduced in June.

The range is the first consumer launch for Wildfarmed, with bread made with wheat that is entirely traceable back to its 100 growers – all farming in line with the Wildfarmed Regenerative Standards. 

The new bread range is made from wheat traceable back to its 100 Wildfarmed growers. Through the Wildfarmed Regenerative Standards, farmers are boosting local biodiversity. 

This launch is the latest in Wildfarmed’s steps for expansion, becoming an industry name by supplying flour to over 500 breads, including ASK Italian, Bread Factory, Wahaca, and major football stadiums.  

A recent Wildfarmed survey found nearly two-thirds of consumers feel pesticide-free ingredients and sustainability credentials are “very important” or “important” when purchasing bread – revealing a growing appetite for regenerative food that not only tastes good but does good. 

Addressing this, for harvest 2024, the company is working with over 100 UK and French growers to produce wheat in line with the Wildfarmed Regenerative Standards, which are third-party audited. This involves growing crops alongside companion plants, integrating grazing livestock, and using observation and nutrition instead of pesticides to manage crops. Turning fields that were silent, dead zones into fields buzzing with bees, birds and biodiversity.

Wildfarmed works directly with over 100 pioneering farmers who form part of a community-led field-to-plate supply chain, which provides shoppers – as well as chefs, bakeries and restaurants – the tools to know everything about who grew their food and how. 

Since 2019 Wildfarmed has been supplying flour to over 500 restaurants, retailers, and bakeries. These include the likes of ASK Italian, Jolene, Wahaca, Franco Manca, Bread Factory and Specialty Breads, as well as football stadiums, schools and many more. 

The business believes healthier soils produce better ingredients and that ultimately, the best flavors come from food grown the right way – as shown by its community of Michelin-star chefs, restaurants and artisan bakeries. 

 Edd Lees, co-founder of Wildfarmed commented: “Wildfarmed began as a field-to-plate collaboration, uniting farmers and food buyers to create a new food system. One where Wildfarmed growers combine nature and food in fields full of life, and where Wildfarmed customers support these farmers in their vital work.

How we grow food is our single greatest point of agency to address the health, biodiversity and climate challenges we are facing. Our flour has been championed by some of the best independent UK bakeries and restaurants. Working with Waitrose, we’re incredibly excited that our products are now available to everybody nationwide. 

When you go down the bread aisle, you won’t miss it. It’s bright green, full of life, and the only bread with a disco ball on it.”

 Oliver Chadwyck-Healey, Waitrose Brand Innovation Manager, said: “At Waitrose, we adopted the principles of regenerative farming on our Hampshire farm, the Leckford Estate back in 2020, after being LEAF Marque certified* since 2001. We strongly believe in farming in harmony with nature. 

We know our customers care about where their food comes from, and have a real appetite for delicious products, which is why working with Wildfarmed is the perfect recipe. Their commitment to challenging and reforming the food system is inspiring, and aligns with our plan for nature. I can’t wait to see the loaves land on the shelves.” 


The full list of products launching in Waitrose include:

  • Wildfarmed life-changing sliced white, RRP £2.80
  • Wildfarmed’s life-changing sliced seed, RRP £2.80
  • Wildfarmed life-changing white rolls, RRP £2.50
  • Wildfarmed life-changing sourdough, RRP £4.00
  • Wildfarmed life-changing seeded sourdough, RRP £4.00
  • Wildfarmed life-changing baguette, RRP £3.00
  • Wildfarmed life-changing plain flour, RRP £2.50
  • Wildfarmed life-changing bread flour, RRP £2.50 

 All packaged breads can be frozen at home. All products are free from palm oil or fat, artificial preservatives, or emulsifiers. 


*Leckford has been LEAF Marque certified since 2001, following the principles of integrated farm management (IFM). 



Photo: Wildfarmed