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AB Mauri launches bread mix range

AB Mauri introduced a new range of bread mixes, Pure ProGrains. Four new mixes are part of this range, developed to be used by adding flour, yeast and water – and then mixing, processing and baking. Several different types of breads can be created from the same mix.

“A key component of AB Mauri UK&I’s ‘Our World, Our Responsibility’ ESG framework is our commitment to developing healthy and nutritious products,” the company said on the launch.

The company took into consideration the growing consumer trend for healthier food products and increased awareness of gut health. AB Mauri also aimed at making the mixes easy to use for craft and medium-sized bakeries wanting to make healthier breads, the company explained.

The mixes in the Pure ProGrains range are:

  • BARLEYmax® High Fiber, a mix enhanced with BARLEYmax® flour, kibble and flakes. It can be promoted on-pack as ‘Good For Your Gut’.
  • Sprouted Multiseed, a blend containing wholegrains and seeds for flavor and a coarse texture. It is designed to support dietary and digestive health.
  • Protein Powered Bread Mix – a blend of pulses and legumes. A plant-based source of protein, with a neutral flavor profile and crunchy textures, it is recommended for specialty breads.
  • Heritage Spelt Bread Mix – a blend of white and wholemeal spelt flours. It has a nutty flavor, with the blended white spelt adding a soft texture alongside stability and volume. This mix is a protein source and it is fortified with Vitamin D.

Photo: Pexels (1775043)