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baking+biscuit international

A bi-monthly trade journal that offers an investigative insight into BOTH the baking and biscuit industries on a global level. It affords the reader topical coverage of their industries, bringing them up to date with technological know-how.

Each issue will cover on a regular basis the following:

– Technical features
– International company profiles
– World news
– National market portraits
– Scientific research
– In the spotlight: leadership interviews
– Product updates

baking+biscuit 2024-02 digital Sourdough Optimum processing, European diversity Interview Georg Heberer, AIBI President Production Mulling over mixing?

baking+biscuit 24/02

baking+biscuit 2024-01 Visit Savoir faire at Savimex, in Bulgaria Production Chocolate is the answer Breads Baguettes, ciabatta, rolls

baking+biscuit 24/01

baking+biscuit 2023-06 In the spotlight Pauline Kariuki, The Women’s Bakery f2m study The main topic is the staff Science Microbiology & the sourdough industry

baking+biscuit 23/06

baking+biscuit 2023-05 Tunnel ovens: Efficient baking assignment In the spotlight: Bundy Baking, American Pan interview iba ’23 special: Exhibitor innovations, state of the industry

baking+biscuit 23/05

baking+biscuit 2023-04 digital: Bread lines Bread is best!; iba ’23 special Exhibitor highlights, Organizer’s guide; In the spotlight Women in leadership roles: Cindy Yao

baking+biscuit 23/04

baking+biscuit 2023-03 In-store ovens: A vacuum baking revolution; In-store baking efficiency Cavan Bakery: “Quality tells” Raw materials: Sourdough perfecting stages

baking+biscuit 23/03

baking+biscuit 2023-02 digital Production: Pies, cakes, donuts Packaging special: Sealing the deal; Gentle handling interpack 2023: “Sustainability is the number one topic”

baking+biscuit 23/02

f2m_bbi_23-1 Packaging:The science of sustainability Production: Sliced, bagged and delivered Mixing: Energy savings

baking+biscuit 23/01

bbi-2022-06 Trays, pans, molds Trays with a mission: cake production Cookies, crackers Next-generation equipment priorities Vacuum cooling The VACTORR vector

baking+biscuit 22/06

baking+biscuit 2022-05 Buns and rolls Efficient systems are a must Resource scarcity Alternatives for bakeries Production Trays with a mission

baking+biscuit 22/05

baking+biscuit 2022-04 In the spotlight: FRITSCH and MULTIVAC interview Production: The energy-efficient light at the end of the tunnel oven Events: IBIE special, südback preview

baking+biscuit 22/04

f2m bbi 03 2022 In the spotlight FRITSCH and MULTIVAC, a lucrative partnership Production Cakes, pastries, pies: complete lines Automation Artificial Intelligence baking

baking+biscuit 22/03

f2m-bbi-2022-02: In the spotlight Brice-Audren Riché, the new Lesaffre CEO Continuous mixing The steps to dough consistency Automation Connected baking makes smart factories

baking+biscuit 22/02

bbi-01-2022: In-store ovens Bake smarter, not harder! In the spotlight Pierre Tossut, Puratos CEO H2 technology Therese Mölk to bake CO2-neutral bread

baking+biscuit 22/01

bbi-06-2021-Production: A growing hub for pans and trays Sustainability: Hydrogen fuels the future of the ovens Automation: Industry 4.0 tackles fast industry tranformations

baking+biscuit 21/06

f2m-bbi-05-2021 In the spotlight Women in business: interview with Kwik Lok co-owners Bakeware Trays, pans and coatings for baking efficiency New raw materials Functional ingredients go vegan

baking+biscuit 21/05

f2m-bbi-04-2021 Pizza: RBS–Exact Continuous Mixing System put to use Bakeware: Trays, pans and coatings for baking efficiency In the spotlight: Women in business: Carrie Jones-Barber, Dawn Foods CEO

baking+biscuit 21/04

f2m-bbi-03-2021 In the spotlight: KAAK: “There is an ambition for growth” Production: Donut, muffin and cupcake systems Bakeries: Baker & Baker, now full-time baker

baking+biscuit 21/03

f2m-bbi-02-2021 Rolls, bagels & buns: Industrial-scale challenges, new solutions Mixing & kneading: Set-up for continuous processes Sustainability: Steel belts bring efficiency results

baking+biscuit 21/02

f2m-bbi-01-2021 In-store ovens: Pandemic impact and technology advances Sustainability: Single-serve packaging Raw materials: Practice makes gluten-free perfect

baking+biscuit 21/01

baking+biscuit 2020-06 digital Production: Changes in the pizza market Mixer technology: Factors that make a difference Raw Materials: Ingredient with character

baking+biscuit 20/06

baking+biscuit 2020-05 digital Industrial Bagel Line: Cooperation with a future COVID-19 Crises: Impact on European Markets Production: Craft quality on an industrial scale

baking+biscuit 20/05

baking+biscuit 2020-04 digital Interview: Flexibility is key Production: 'Easy Clean' Design Research: Dough rheology

baking+biscuit 20/04

baking+biscuit 2020-03 digital Crisis management: Corona and its impacts Ditsch: The lye baked goods specialist Production: Successful turnkey solutions

baking+biscuit 20/03

baking+biscuit 2020-02 digital Interview: A fast, flexible response Decoration unit: A variety of patterns Research: Bread relevant moulds

baking+biscuit 20/02

baking+biscuit 2020-01 digital Intervw: A Lifetime in the Baking Industry Research: Baking with ohmic heating Production: Solutions to produce toast-bread

baking+biscuit 20/01

baking+biscuit 2019-06 digital: PackagingSustainable concepts; Production The story of Hudson Bread; Future FoodsStart-up has a new snack in Egypt

baking+biscuit 19/06

baking+biscuit 2019-05 digital: Interview Data determine the environment for producers; IBIE A world of benefits; ResearchAustralian wheat in South East Asia

baking+biscuit 19/05

baking+biscuit 2019-04 digital: AIBIThe Congress in Manchester; IBIE A marketplace of innovation; JADI ABADI Indonesia’s Number 1

baking+biscuit 19/04

baking+biscuit 2019-03 digital: InterviewNew structuresin Slovakia; Galbusera Efficiency through networking; Domino’s Centralized pizza dough production

baking+biscuit 19/03

baking+biscuit 2019-02 digital: Bakery China 2019International trade fair in Shanghai; Sydney Cake House Mak’Cik (Auntie) – Only the Best ; AIBI Congress The Bakery of the Future

baking+biscuit 19/02

baking+biscuit 2019-01 digital: Production The efficiency of automated baking systems; In-store ovens It must yield added value; NOWELTradition and innovation

baking+biscuit 19/01

baking+biscuit 2018-03 digital: Peelboards Main principle:durable; Laminator Designed for high efficiency; Interview Germany`s biggest baker

baking+biscuit 18/06

baking+biscuit 2018-03 digital: Peelboards Main principle:durable; Laminator Designed for high efficiency; Interview Germany`s biggest baker

baking+biscuit 18/05

baking+biscuit 2018-04 digital: Peelboards Main principle:durable; Laminator Designed for high efficiency; Interview Germany`s biggest baker

baking+biscuit 18/04

baking+biscuit 2018-03 digital: Peelboards Main principle:durable; Laminator Designed for high efficiency; Interview Germany`s biggest baker

baking+biscuit 18/03

baking+biscuit 2018-02 digital: Panificio Italiano bakery Baked to Perfection; Pappert Bakery Artisan work and automation; Swiss special Market reports from Switzerland

baking+biscuit 18/02

baking+biscuit 2018-01 digital:Mademoiselle Desserts Patisserie for all; Interview Progress in bakery technology; Instore ovens Connected baking

baking+biscuit 18/01