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baking+biscuit issue 2018-05

Mecatherm will present an entirely newly designed oven at the iba trade fair. Key advertised features include precision and flexibility.

The competence of Haas-Meincke A/S extends from cookies to croissants – the common denominator being the ovens, especially the re-engineered IFC.

Bundy Baking Solutions is an American company with a family of brands that includes American Pan and Shaffer Mixer.

A few years ago, Oripan, a software house that could show one of the first Industry 4.0 installations, became part of Sancassiano group, the Italian mixer manufacturer. Sancassianos most conspicuous feature in hardware terms is the new bowl tipper.

Vandemoortele is one of the leading manufacturers of frozen baked products. The works in Eeklo, Belgium, is among the company’s biggest locations, where 300 staff working 24/7 produce a wide variety of frozen baked goods.

Zeppelin-Systems GmbH is an international market leader with regard to continuous dough mixing. The Rödermark-based company will present a new CODOS generation at the iba trade fair.

The Swiss company RONDO Burgdorf AG presented a new universal bread line to visitors at an open-house event in Schio, Italy. The plant can produce sliced/cut, long-molded and round-molded artisan breads and bread rolls.

The Tecnopool Group, at one time mainly a conveyor belt specialist, is increasingly making a name for itself as a process technology supplier.

Almost everyone in the industry knows the Handtmann dough divider from the VF Line. An add-on device that afterwards shapes the divided dough will be shown by the Biberach-based company at the iba trade fair.

Reading Bakery Systems (RBS) is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of baking and process systems, especially in advanced high production cookie, cracker, biscuit, snack (baked chips, pretzels, expanded snacks, and bread snacks) and pet food systems.

Topos Mondial Corporation is based in the United States with a manufacturing facility in the Czech Republic. With the ability to customize pieces of equipment for installation, they serve retail bakers and up to large industrial scale bakers.


Numerous exhibitors will present their innovations in Munich. The editors submit a couple of novelties to give trade fair visitors an insight.


f2m have spoken to Luis Videla, the CEO-Owner of Grupo Almar.

Sasa Demarle Groupe introduces a new silicone coating for bakeware. baking+biscuit international talked with Mr. Pierre Escarbelt, Sales & Marketing Director of the Industrial Business Unit of The SASA Demarle Group about the advantages.

The Oetker subsidiary Wolf ButterBack KG plans to combine conventional and new, and on the one hand remain a loyal supplier to artisan bakers through wholesale organizations, while on the other serving new sales channels as well as European countries abroad.

Raw materials handling

The Italian silo constructor Cepi SpA focuses on automation and the growing interest in fermentation plants on the part of bread bakers.

Agriflex s.r.l. is specialized in powder and liquid raw materials handling for the food industry. The solutions range from dry materials silos to sourdough production systems. Its patents include the innovative in line flour cooling system (patent nr.1401347).


For nearly 70 years Kwik Lok® Corporation has created solutions to closing bags that has been used throughout the world in the consumer goods industry. This simple yet innovative little card seamlessly secures the end of a filled bag.

Brevetti Gasparin comes into its own when slicing and packing baked products for large artisan businesses and the baked goods industry are involved. They are also revealing a series of innovations for the iba trade fair.

Bettendorf Stanford is a food slicing equipment company which was established in 1965 and is based in St. Louis, Missouri, USA. From blades to machines, they are constantly engineering new products to better the industry.

Trays and pans

DURAPEK® and DURAQUARZ® coatings from acs Coating Systems, absorb heat particularly quickly in the oven, distribute it well, and release it again quickly.

The new BELT-OILER-R combination machine enables baking trays to be cleaned and oiled in a single operation.


Colussi Ermes is considered to be a supplier of de-luxe class washing plants. Word of this has spread around, not just in industrial businesses but also in the baked products sector.

Refrigeration technology

The European Union has enacted an F-Gases Regulation (fluorinated greenhouse gases) that will slowly but surely have clear impacts on the baked goods sector, because nowadays the cooling and freezing area is markedly larger than the baking area, even in many artisan businesses.


Norway’s biggest organic artisan baker advertises that it uses vacuum cooling.

The Nowakowski family has operated baking businesses in Poland for four generations. In the process, the family acquired a remarkable flair for the development of European markets. The most recent business produces artisanal, additive-free frozen products in wood-fired ovens.

As on the continent, the food-to-go market is a mainstay of the baked products market in UK and is steadily gaining importance.