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baking+biscuit issue 2018-04

Gregory Acerra founded the Fireking Baking Company in Boston, USA, in 1995 to offer freshly-baked European-style bread to restaurants, clubs and catering companies. Within a short time. Fireking became well-known as a baking industry innovator.

WP IB (Werner & Pfleiderer Industrial Bakery Technologies) has developed a new thermo-oil-heated tunnel oven that combines the constant radiant heat typical of thermo-oil with real turbulence,
and can also operate without conveyor belts.

Pre-baked bread can be stored unwrapped at 3°C for six days or more without losing moisture – that’s how Johann Trenker in Toblach in the Puster Valley ensures maximum flexibility and freshness.

Combination ovens that unite at least two heat transfer systems are on the market, even specifically for the baking sector. We have tracked down a few professional appliances.

This résumé rather hits the nail on the head as a description of the Bubner Bakery’s USP: traditional artisanal but with state-of-the-art technology, not over-frilly but always good for surprises. One example of its unusual products is gherkin bread.

Austria special

Vienna’s baked goods gourmets have a new place of pilgrimage. It is located – nomen est omen (it’s all in the name) – in Bäckergasse (Baker Street) 10 and is owned by Rémi Soulier and Patricia Petschenig.

One might think it’s just another of those bakery workshops where stressed “nerds” can chill out by “doing something very practical with their own hands for once”. But there’s more to it.

The Ströck Bakery is one of the big four in Vienna’s baked goods market. The succession is
arranged and responding flexibly and innovatively to customer’s wishes is the name of the strategy – and its success shows the family is right. An interview with Managing Director Gerhard Ströck.

Austria’s retail is arming itself for an attack on one of the baking industry’s vulnerable flanks – out-of-house business. Baked products and hot drinks are the principal focal points.

Business consultant Christine Behringer has studied price trends on the Austrian baked products market for many years. The conclusion from the 2017 price survey: clear differences, mainly relating to key articles.

Christina Ostermayer took over the bakery in Vienna’s Seventh District from Horst Felzl two years ago. The former top manageress from the Do&Co catering group carefully restructured the business according to her vision, and opened a fourth location in the First District.

AIBI – Fedima Symposium

Several European initiatives are aimed at working on the image of bread and stimulating its consumption. The symposium “Bread Promotion Activities in Europe” organized jointly by the AIBI and Fedima in Brussels/Belgium focused on these activities.


A selfie, baby photos, logos, marriage proposals or other messages – photo-cakes with a chosen theme for the chosen date – these are the core business of InterNestor GmbH, which describes itself as Europe’s market leader in this segment.

Speckli* and shortbread with hemp have been part of the product range of the Swiss confectioner Confiserie Speck in Zug, Switzerland, since the fall of last year. These baked products are a side issue if seen purely as a proportion of sales, but they are a gateway to another target group: young people find the offer “cool”.

Fairs and Exhibitions

In 2018, the international baking industry will be dominated by iba. The world’s leading trade fair for bakery, confectionery and snacks will take place at Fairground Munich from 15 – 20 September 2018.


Reading Bakery Systems, a member of the Markel Food Group, has re-engineered the MX Continuous Mixer. The model now ranks as the most versatile continuous mixer, and is suitable for a broad product spectrum and a wide diversity of doughs.


The GEA technology group has developed OxyCheck, a non-invasive oxygen measurement system for MAP packages*. It allows contactless testing of each individual pack for leak-tightness and oxygen content.

Trays and Pans

SASA, owned by the Sasa Demarle Group, is formulating and manufacturing its own silicone coating. With the iNFiNiUM® 6001, the comany introduces its next generation of silicone-based non-stick coating for the baking industry.


Washing transport crates is a subject whose important aspects include the plants’ energy consumption, space requirement, cleanability and protection from noise, but above all the individual conditions in the bakery company itself.