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baking+biscuit issue 2023-05

Royal Smilde is known for its rich diversity of sweet and savory baked creations. Either sold under its own labels, through collaborations, or as private labels, the products made by the Dutch bakery are in growing demand worldwide. A very flexible production line helped them increase production volumes, built by AMF Bakery Systems (Tromp). Particular care was given to automating apple turnover production, namely – dough folding into a triangle.


Bundy Baking has enjoyed successful business worldwide over the past years, with American Pan strengthening its foothold in Europe. Staying close to its customers and listening to their changing needs has not only helped the group weather the storm of recent disruptions, but it has always been the key to thriving. William Bundy – Global President, Operations, Bundy Baking Solutions, and Jason Bowman – President American Pan Europe & MENA talk resilience, acquisitions, technology and, first of all, loyalty, in an interview.


Energy consumption is undisputed at the top of the industry’s
concerns and efforts for improvement. Tunnel
ovens offer opportunities to go the extra mile
on the path to resource savings.

Stress-free dough processing guarantees artisan-like product results for all kinds of breads and rolls and for any production volumes. Gentle dough reduction is key.


Automated dough systems make production flow more efficient and are a safe robotics solution to bring into the factory.

Automated Intelligent Direct Handling (IDH) increases efficiency in cookie and cracker packaging.


At home or at the restaurant, for lunch, office parties, or even for breakfast, ordered in person or online, the interest in pizza choices never fades. On the contrary, new, exciting taste offerings, product claims and ingredient combinations are welcomed opportunities to experiment.

iba ’23 special

iba and the German Bakers’ Confederation analyze current dynamics in the industry and the future of baking innovations, exploring possible and necessary directions, as they prepare to welcome an industry reunion in Munich.

As the finishing line to this year’s iba preparations is quickly approaching, here are exhibitor stands worth marking in visiting agendas, with the new developments they are highlighting in Munich. Exhibitors are listed by hall and stand number, for smooth guided navigation.


A systematic approach to fast and economical problem resolution.

Bread-making is a scientific symphony of physical, chemical, and rheological processes. Beyond the apparent simplicity of mixing flour, water, and yeast lies an intricate web of molecular and mechanical changes that transform these raw materials into bread.

An internationally recognized method exists to characterize the water absorption capacity with ease and efficiency.


Consumers snack for a variety of reasons. This can range from being a substitute for a skipped meal, needing an energy boost, or for a moment of escapism and comfort.


Clean-label, functional ingredients go a long way toward the sustainability concerns – of the baker, the material supplier and the consumer.


Today’s consumers are taking a more proactive approach to their diets and being more mindful of how their food choices affect their personal health, their community and their planet. This increasing interest in better-for-you foods continues to fuel product innovation, including in the sweet bakery market.