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bbi-2023-05-“Relationships matter immensely”
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Bundy Baking has enjoyed successful business worldwide over the past years, with American Pan strengthening its foothold in Europe. Staying close to its customers and listening to their changing needs has not only helped the group weather the storm of recent disruptions, but it has always been the key to thriving. William Bundy – Global President, Operations, Bundy Baking Solutions, and Jason Bowman – President American Pan Europe & MENA talk resilience, acquisitions, technology and, first of all, loyalty, in an interview.

Catalina Mihu: Since the last iba, in 2018, Bundy Baking has seen growth everywhere in the world. What was the strategy behind the milestones reached since then, including the new acquisitions in Europe?
William Bundy: Since the last iba in 2018, our global customer base experienced substantial growth worldwide, and our strategy behind these milestones has primarily revolved around meeting our customers’ needs and getting closer to them. The global marketplace during this period was particularly challenging, and our foremost concern was to support our customers effectively, focusing on being where our customers are, getting closer to them, and providing the best possible service.
At American Pan, relationships matter immensely to us. We believe in building strong, lasting connections with our customers. Acquiring or partnering with companies in Europe was a strategic step towards achieving these goals and reinforcing our commitment to our customers. This move allowed us to not only meet the unique demands of European customers but also to provide a level of service and support that aligns with our core values.
The inclusion of Runex in Sweden and Turbel in Turkey enhanced our reach into the Scandinavian and MENA regions. Even before this, we had a significant international presence; we were already serving customers in approximately 94 countries around the world. We recognized that our European customers, in particular, had specific requirements, including shorter lead times and a desire for closer, more personalized service.
Our proprietary coatings, including Durashield and OptiShield, played a pivotal role in our strategy. Our goal has been to provide European customers with the essential care and support required to extend the lifespan of their baking pans, including offering recoating services. This commitment was crucial in a highly competitive market where product quality and longevity were key factors.