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bbi-2023-05-Dough on the go!
f2m-bbi-23-05-robotics-automated dough system

Automated dough systems make production flow more efficient and are a safe robotics solution to bring into the factory.

The past few years have plainly shown how fragile the industry can be. Both the effects and aftermath of a global pandemic as well as worldwide conflicts resulted in challenges that initiated a steep learning process. Automation could answer a lot of these rising issues. The demand for even more automated, safe processes continues today. DIOSNA developed intelligent solutions that automate the area of pre-dough and kneading technology, while preserving product quality. Recently, the company focused its efforts on the automation of kneading processes through Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs).

Automated solutions are based on a self-regulating process and designed for maximum flexibility, with possible variations considered for factors such as different recipes, individual dough resting times and cleaning options. Production facilities can include multiple dosing, mixing and/or discharge systems using DIOSNA’s solutions, depending on their size.