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bbi-2023-05-No stress, no stress
f2m-bbi-23-05-breads, rolls, baguettes-Full SFA Sheeting Line

Stress-free dough processing guarantees artisan-like product results for all kinds of breads and rolls and for any production volumes. Gentle dough reduction is key.

 Consumers’ changing perceptions of the nutritional value of foodstuffs, combined with a renewed interest in bread, have made the segment of artisan breads become particularly interesting. Clean labels are valued, and so are traditional types of products, not only for bringing up nostalgic taste experiences, but also because of the connection with simplicity and healthy eating. For breads and buns, this means baking doughs with a high water percentage, which requires gentle handling and especially stress-free reduction. Sheeting is the best process that ensures their high-volume production.