22 Mar: AAK, Checkerspot partner to develop sustainable algae oil

AAK and Checkerspot are joining forces to develop, scale, and commercially produce an alternative source of structuring fats and oils. As consumers and global brands continue to push for new plant-based options, developments for new fats and oils need to meet three criteria: they can be produced at scale, provide unique consumer experience, and are less vulnerable to climate change, Checkerspot highlights in an announcement.


07 Mar: Easy as pie: AMF Bakery Systems automated lines for pies

The automated line designed by AMF Tromp can flexibly support a wide range of pies, either savory or sweet, in a baking tray, in foils, or in paper cups. They can bake the pie shells only, pies with the top opened or closed and pies with or without a lattice decoration. For (pre-)baking the pies, AMF recommends a Den Boer Multibake tunnel oven with impingement heating or a direct-fired system.