08 Nov: Mecatherm M-VT oven wins Gulfood Manufacturing Award

MECATHERM’s newly launched vertical oven won the Gulfood Manufacturing Excellence Award in the Best Processing Innovation category. The M-VT is a very compact, flexible oven that can be used for a wide range of bakery goods, from crusty bread to pastries and soft products. The equipment was designed to reduce energy consumption and includes innovative features such as the new Hygro Control System and an energy recovery system.


01 Nov: Efficient baking assignment: thermal oil ovens

Energy consumption is undisputed at the top of the industry’s concerns and efforts for improvement. Tunnel ovens offer opportunities to go the extra mile on the path to resource savings. The eight-generation oven builders at HEUFT have also been observing a surge in the interest in economical and flexible machines, now a universal top priority in the industry.


18 Oct: SENSURE to showcase smart vision inspection systems

At iba, SENSURE is showcasing its vision inspection solutions (STARGATE series), which use high-speed, non-contact imaging cameras and/or profilometer lasers to quantify a wide range of product quality parameters (shape, size, color, height, topping coverage, volume, etc.) at high speed. All solutions provide continuous and quantitative data that can be used to identify process issues and create a library of information for analysis.


18 Oct: RONDO launches Smart Bread Line

RONDO announced the official launch of its most recent automated line for bread production. The new Smart Bread Line was designed to meet a production capacity of up to 1,000 kg of dough processed per hour and to increase the range of bread products that can be made on a single line. Different line configurations with various modules allow for the production of a wide range of bread products (cut, stamped, molded, rounded and gluten-free).


18 Oct: Kaak OvenScan uncovers process improvement potential

Energy consumption is undisputed at the top of the industry’s concerns and efforts for improvement. Royal Kaak recently launched a new service that closely investigates the energy-saving potential of an industrial oven, which can help lower energy consumption by up to 15%: the OvenScan, launched last year and introduced in the Benelux countries in 2023.