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baking+biscuit issue 2019-03

In the past, artisan and industrial operators in the Slovakian bakery sector were organized into four different associations. On the initiative of a few major companies, all have now combined to form a single federation. We talked to Ing. Vladislav Baričák, CEO of Penam Slovakia, who helped initiate this development.

What drives the Clean Label movement? How does this affect artisan bakers? We talked to Michel Suas, President and Founder of the San Francisco Baking Institute, about Clean Label in the USA.

Raw Materials

Spooner Vicars (part of the Middleby Group) has launched a new rotary moulder. The APEX Sport can handle a wide range of doughs, from detailed surface designs to deep-moulded shortcakes with fruit inclusions. The newest design focuses primarily on hygienic design.

The Italian baked products manufacturer Galbusera’s new production facility is taking the first steps towards Industry 4.0. Oripan, an IT company partly owned by Sancassiano, is also involved.

Mecatherm has developed a new dough divider, the M-NS, presented for the first time at the 2018 iba trade fair.

New digital technology provides a better way to measure humidity in proofers, oven, dryers and cooling tunnels.

Staff in the American supply chain centers of Domino’s Pizza produce dough for franchise outlets, among others. This also guarantees the quality of the pizzas.

Pizza is one of the most popular foods worldwide, and various plant constructors offer industrial pizza lines. Here is a small overview of the manufacturers and methods.

Thanks to special C-Proof perforated stainless steel swing-trays, the new industrial CleanProofer proofer is said to be gentle on dough, low-maintenance and hygienic in operation.

“Separating agents are designed to keep adjacent materials separable.” It sounds so simple when Wikipedia is asked to define the term. On closer inspection, it turns out to be a complex business area.

The Delhaize supermarket chain is one of the big food retail players. When the company renovated a supermarket in Melsbroek, Belgium, the investments included a new baking station in which the staff prepare snacks and baked products.

Trade Fair

Some manufacturers believe a pizza doesn’t always need a wheat dough crust. Nowadays, for example, there are alternatives
made from cauliflower, vegetables or even chicken meat.


Greater process reliability, reduced resource consumption – when it comes to packaging fresh products such as baguettes or croissants, GEA`s latest generation of thermoforming packaging technology offers advantages.


Hygiene sluices should be integrated into the operating procedure in such a way that the production operation is protected from possible contamination. Compact, tamper-proof installations are designed to guarantee this.

Hands are the main transmission route (around 80 %) for pathogens and bacteria. The importance of the subject of hand hygiene becomes clear when that is borne in mind.