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baking+biscuit issue 2018-01

WP-L in Dinkelsbühl stands for oven construction and thus for the WP Group’s origins with the legendary Matador. Following a recent period of quiet stability, the reorganized Dinkelsbühl company is now returning to the fray with renewed impetus.

The demand in global markets is changing. The focus is increasingly on snack products. This is also reflected in the program of the French dough production specialist VMI.

Mademoiselle Desserts, a group of companies with factories in France, the UK and the Netherlands, produces superior quality patisserie as a trade brand for the retail and food service.

After a change of owner and a fresh start, Kronenbrot’s entire business went through a thorough optimizing and restructuring examination. The first steps included a new, automated raw materials metering controller in the Würselen works.

Businesses are increasingly using vacuum-conditioning to prolong the freshness of baked goods. Fredy Hiestand uses it before shock-freezing part-baked products.

NOWEL Sp. z o. o. bakery in Legionowo near Warsaw is one of Poland’s market makers. To grow further, the company invests heavily in Western European plant technology.

The German baked products manufacturer Lieken relies on digitizing materials management processes to optimize processes and increase capacity utilization in the works.

Aston Foods International has had quite an eventful history up to now. The Swiss supplier of vacuum systems plans a new beginning under Jörg Trübl, Managing Director since July 2017.

With its headquarters in Pirmasens, Germany, WASGAU Produktions & Handels AG operates 80 food markets with a regional focus. Its own bakery produces fresh baked goods and frozen goods for the branches, and these are sold in the checkout zone.

The latest product brought out by Precisma is the FBU universal mould cleaning machine. Baking residues such as flour dust, sesame seeds, poppy seeds or lightly baked-on dough can be easily removed from the moulds.


Joseph Zaleski is the President of Reading Bakery Systems. Bastian Borchfeld talked to him about progress in bakery technology and the iba.

Instore ovens

Blattmann Schweiz AG, headquartered in Wädenswil on Lake Zürich, is a starch factory with a rather long history. For over 160 years, the company has been producing gluten (from wheat and spelt), glucose and other derivatives mainly for the food industry.

Weighing system technology

Fresh fruits are a challenge in automatic weighing: they are not only strongly adherent but also impact-sensitive. Frozen gateau manufacturer Pfalzgraf uses a Type CCW-M 106 multi-head scale for this task.


A report by Hans-Herbert Dörfner, an expert with the Senior Experts Service (SES)* in the Foundation of German Industry for International Cooperation, Bonn, who was seconded by the SES to a vocational college in Cibadak/Sukabumi on the Island of Java (Indonesia).


Functionality of an analysis instrument developed at the TUM for contactless height measurement and determination of the gas formation rates of yeast-based doughs