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baking+biscuit issue 2024-02

At the beginning of 2024, the Polish industrial bakery NOWEL opened its new production facility near Warsaw. More than EUR 200 million is to be invested in the plant by the final expansion stage.

Kneading and mixing

Precision mixing technology brings undeniable benefits to consistently forming dough exactly as needed, time after time. When choosing the optimum equipment to perfect the process, technologies for batch and continuous mixing can bring the best-suited functionalities for each product range, manufacturing plant and operation.

Fully automating kneading and mixing is an ambitious endeavor, given the complexity of the process, and the diversity of raw ingredients. However, bakeries now have the solutions to make major strides in this direction, for improved product consistency and to alleviate growing staff shortages.


No two sourdoughs are the same; its value lies in its diversity. Perfecting different sourdough specialties relies on process accuracy and stability, with optimum kneading and mixing parameters for each type of product.

With a unique culture and a longstanding tradition, sourdough is used in new interpretations for unique creations. Karl de Smedt, sourdough librarian at Puratos, shares insights into the bustling scene of European sourdough creations, how to maintain a strain’s profile and how to work with sourdough in large-scale operations.

Breakfast specialties

Waffle recipes are quite simple and do not need many ingredients. To obtain the adequate waffle sheet structure, the flour used should meet certain characteristics when it comes to protein and gluten content.


Georg Heberer has been President of AIBI since 2022. In an interview with baking+biscuit international, he talks about the development of the European bakery markets during his term in office as well as the goals and future of the International Association of Plant Bakers.

Chocolate, part II

Chocolate coating is a tasty addition to bakery goods, but it also creates challenges when handling compounds in the manufacturing process. A good understanding of the desired result and how to work with chocolate are key to a successful outcome.

Dawn Foods takes inspiration from European-style chocolate, taking its interpretation across the Atlantic Ocean, with a new offering for the North American market that bridges chocolate-tasting experiences.


Among the analytical possibilities available for characterizing food products, microscopy is only seldomly used by industrial companies. This is a pity! Microscopy allows fascinating insights into the inner structure of foods, helping to understand the mechanisms that contribute to product quality.

Spelt has been making a comeback among consumers’ favorites, propelled by scientific evidence and the perception that it offers greater nutritional benefits compared to common wheat.