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bbi-2024-02-Big changes rely on big decisions
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At the beginning of 2024, the Polish industrial bakery NOWEL opened its new production facility near Warsaw. More than EUR 200 million is to be invested in the plant by the final expansion stage.

bbi: You produce frozen baked goods, some of which are non-branded products for baking stations, as well as ranges in the clean label, organic and artisan segments, where products are left to rest for more than 12 hours. You also make packaged goods for the end consumer market under the ‘Home Bakery’ brand. What and how much of this goes to the domestic market?
Elzbieta Zajezierska: A lot has happened in terms of production volumes since 2020. We now produce around 400 tonnes of baked goods every day. Of this, 70% goes to supermarkets, discounters and petrol stations throughout Poland. The remaining 30% goes to our partners in international markets. These are both basic products in our range – bread rolls, ciabattas, as well as premium bread with various ingredients, usually baked in a stone belt oven. A growing category – both in Poland and the rest of Europe – is snacks. Europeans have taken a liking to quick but tasty and healthy meals on the way to work or on the move. A sales hit in neighborhood shops or petrol stations in Poland are hot dogs, for which we also produce buns in various varieties and supply them to the largest chains operating in Europe. ‘Home Bakery’ was a short-term project that we launched in response to demand during the COVID-19 pandemic. We have already discontinued the concept.