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bbi-2024-02-A fully-automated flow

Fully automating kneading and mixing is an ambitious endeavor, given the complexity of the process, and the diversity of raw ingredients. However, bakeries now have the solutions to make major strides in this direction, for improved product consistency and to alleviate growing staff shortages.

Reading Bakery Systems (RBS) has fully automated the mixing process wth their continuous mixing systems. The ultimate goal is to have systems running independently, without any need for staff intervention. And, while mixing may be among the most complex manufacturing processes in a bakery, today’s mixing technology is very close to this goal. “This is because, complex as it may be, the process consists of sequenced, measurable and controllable steps. Not only are the latest mixers controllable, but the control packages are rich in data to demonstrate the process is repeatable,” specialists from RBS emphasize. Integrated controls can already address decision points instead of an operator who requires training and experience. With fully automated mixers, “Quality and consistency are confirmed at the beginning of the baking process and not at the end of the process,” they add. Continuous mixing systems can take input from other parts of the line, such as hopper levels, operation status of downstream equipment, and data inputs such as temperature, and use it to automatically adjust the mixing system parameters to assure consistent production and product quality.