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baking+biscuit issue 2019-05

Cyrille Filott is one of more than 90 staff in Rabobank’s analysis and strategy unit working on worldwide developments in agricultural and nutrition markets. Our dialogue partner’s specialisms also include worldwide baked products markets.

Fairs and Exhibitions

With the largest offering to date, IBIE delivered a superior attendee experience and provided insights and thought-provoking perspective.

Raw materials

A webinar series organized jointly with FEDIMA1 and AMFEP2 supplies information about the safe handling of enzyme-containing ingredients in baked goods production.

With ManDos, AZO, the specialist in automated handling of raw materials, has developed an operator-controlled manual weighing centre for the provision of micro quantities.


The Dutch restaurant chain La Place intends to stand itself out from its competitors with the concept of absolute freshness at a moderate price.

The VEMAG Slice Depositor made by the US-American company Reiser can automatically top sandwich slices with chicken salad, peanut butter, cream cheese or similar toppings, and even cheese slices.

Opelka GmbH’s designers in Remseck/Neckar have made further developments to its fat fryer plant without a heating coil. The new MasterLine plant type has now been presented to the public.

When Jan van Maanen opened his baker’s shop in the Dutch village of Katwijk aan den Rijn in 1907, little did he know that over a century later, his name would be attached to 52 stores with over 100,000 weekly customers.


While rice and noodles remain staple foods throughout Asia, the production and consumption of bakery products and in particular bread is growing, in part at the expense of rice.


RAU INTERIM GmbH arranges interim managers for the food industry. This allows experts to assist with specific problems in businesses, and to find solutions.