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baking+biscuit issue 2018-06

Pizza production is one of the key points of expertise of Kaak’s Italian MCS subsidiary from the northern Italian commune of Ala. The Italians’ latest highlight is a new, fully automatic pizza press.

Secondary virtues such as user-friendliness, hygiene, robustness and workplace safety are becoming increasingly important in bakery machine construction. Examples include Rademaker’s laminating and make-up lines.

The French bakery Artisan Boulangerie Jean-Marc et Cécile Pain convinces its customers with artisan skill, absolute freshness and German ovens.

Low-dust release flours from GoodMills Innovation: a practical case study.

iba special

At the 2018 IBA in Munich, baking+biscuit international was able to sit down with Robb MacKie, American Bakers Association (ABA) President & CEO.

As might have been expected, machine and plant controller automation and digitalization were one of the major topics at the iba trade fair.

Kaak is working to improve the future of iBake Care and to offer additional benefits to customers by researching new technologies. One such technology is called “Dough Sense” that would provide real-time feedback on dough quality.

The equipment was so small that the description “inconspicuous” really isn’t an insult. Nonetheless, the “UDO” made by Cetravac AG in Switzerland was awarded a trophy at the iba trade fair, and attracted a large amount of attention. We asked its inventor, Adolf Cermak, what really lies behind it.

The Werner & Pfleiderer (W&P) TEWIMAT is designed for industrial 24-hour operation and is available in two high-performance variants: TEWIMAT SOFT and TEWIMAT BIG BALL.

In close collaboration with its customers, FRITSCH has developed the first services that actively provide an added value by exploiting the possibilities of digitalization.

Kövy Bäckereimaschinenbau GmbH, Dortmund, presented an automatic peelboard stacker at the iba trade fair. The plant allows bread roll production to be optimized.

Kempf GmbH, Rohrbach, specializes in the “Bakeware & Coatings” areas. At the iba trade fair, the company presented the new 704 fluoropolymer coating for trays and pan clusters.


The proportion of online sales of Fast Moving Consumer Goods in the Netherlands was 4% of the household market and still straightforward. But the logjam there now seems to have broken.

The 2018 Annual International Private Label Yearbook has been published. The figures are compiled by the Private Label Manufacturer’s Association (PLMA) based on Nielsen figures.

Every year for six years, futurologist Hanni Rützler has written a Food Report dealing with new trends in the nutrition market. In the latest Report, she and her co-author Wolfgang Reiter subdivide the future outlook into product trends, trends in communal catering, gastronomy and the food retail.


Ishida Europe specializes in the fields of weighing, packaging,
and quality control. The company is market launching
a number of innovations in 2018.

Product planning

Product planning systems offer more flexibility and cut costs for the bread and bakery industry. Systems that are directly integrated in the ERP software are most suitable.