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baking+biscuit issue 2019-04

Rademaker has developed a new pastry production line. The Universal Pastry Line with its newly-developed controller can produce a wide variety of dough pieces highly flexibly. Its construction is modular, and a well-thought-out tool concept ensures fast product changeover.


Approx. 200 baking sector representatives met together for the 36th AIBI Congress in Manchester. High-caliber speakers provided information about how experts envisage the bakery sector in the future, and what challenges will need to be overcome.


WP-Haton concentrates on making up doughs by classical methods using dough dividers, rounders, long rollers and proofers. The focus is on excellence and flexibility.

Consultant Thomas Ismar of Zeppelin Systems GmbH says: “We haven’t re-invented bun production, but we have made it more efficient and more flexible at the same time.”

Industrial Vacuum Cooling has been introduced to the market some years ago. One of the suppliers is the Dutch Verhoeven Bakery Equipment Family (BVT/NewCap/Vacuum Cooling & Baking Company). In the meantime this game-changing application has been appreciated on a worldwide scale.

The Dimassaba Group opened a new bakery in Luanda, Angola’s capital city. The factory, which is called Dimapão, uses a Mecatherm industrial bread line.

The new König dough sheet former can be used to make a very wide range of baked products. There is now almost no upper limit to the variety of products that can be made from a dough sheet.

Cookies, waffles, crackers and baked products from PT. JADI ABADI CORAK BISCUIT FACTORY INDONESIA are very popular in Indonesia. The company, a subsidiary of the Khong Guan Group, is regarded as the market leader in the waffles segment, and also uses European plants in its production operations.

Fairs and Exhibitions

The IBIE 2019, International Baking Industry Exposition, will take place in Las Vegas from 8 to 11 September. On an area of approximately 65,032 m2 more than
1,000 exhibitors will display products and services that pertain to the baking industry.

Pans and Trays

The Bundy Baking Solutions family of companies has been providing the baking industry with quality, innovative solutions for over 50 years ranging from custom baking pans and recoating services to state-of-the-art mixing technology.

Lhotellier R2A, a subsidiary of the Kaak Group in the Netherlands, has developed and marketed non-stick coatings for the baking sector since 1963. Experts provide support when choosing optimum non-stick and de-panning coatings.

The experts at acs Coating Systems GmbH, Wilhelmshaven/Germany, have developed new coatings and trays.

From idea through design to the finished pan, this service is now offered to customers by Anneliese Backtechnik GmbH, Eschweiler/Germany.

KG-Flon 603 green is the name of the latest fluoropolymer
from Kempf. The coating has a multi-layer structure
and is said to have a long working lifetime.


We talk to Martin Sauter, Sales Manager for Gerhard Schubert GmbH, about pick-and-place robotics and what the baking sector can glean from the confectionery industry.

Food Law

Since the discovery by Swedish scientists that acrylamide is formed during browning processes in foods containing starch, the industry and the Legislator must concern themselves with this topic, because acrylamide was and is classified as carcinogenic.