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baking+biscuit issue 2018-03

Sancassiano is specialized in mixers, kneaders and automatic mixing systems. The new EG Smart elevator has a small footprint, independent lifting and tilting movements, up to dedicated programmable cycles.

The Ditsch GmbH pretzel bakery has invested in a new DymoMix system at its Oranienbaum site. Processing tolerance of the wheat doughs has already improved. The next scheduled step is to increase dough yield.

A Bakery in the German speaking area (DACH Region) invested in a new generation Rademaker Laminator, Croissant line and Pastry line. The Laminator is designed according Rademaker’s Sigma hygienic design guidelines.

Reading Bakery Systems, a member of the Markel Food Group, offers a full line of mixer models and sizes to mix a wide variety of products successfully. The redesigned MX Continuous Mixer is the most versatile mixer and is well suited for a wide range of products.

The use of cooling cells when producing laminated doughs, and long dough rest times, help with further processing and increase baked product quality.

Storing and supplying viscous and liquid dough ingredients for bakeries is a complex subject. Bühler AG showcases solutions for flexible, recipe-controlled supply.


Diane has developed a dimensionally stable peelboard whose surface consists of hard-wearing polymer. If needed, there is a peelboard suitable for every industrial line.


The machines produced by the Tromp Group in the Netherlands, part of the Markel Food Group, include pizza plants for the whole world. Sales Director Henk Hoppenbrouwers is regarded as an industry insider. In this interview, the expert explains how the pizza market is developing.

Germany Special

In its latest issue (brot+backwaren 2/18), the journal’s editor took an entirely new look at the bakery landscape in the German Federal Republic. With meticulous care and diligence, she created a map of Germany illustrating the 54 biggest bakery branch networks.

Germany’s biggest baker earned a 2.7% increase in revenues in 2017. Hans-Jochen Holthausen, Managing Partner of the family business, explains how and why.

Personalized nutrition

Self-proclaimed diet gurus are fond of preaching abstinence. Cereal products, especially wheats, have been a popular bogeyman in this respect for some time. However, only individuals diagnosed as having celiac disease need avoid them completely.


A new plant made by Kitzinger has been washing trays and peelboards in Schäfer’s Berlin factory since February 2018. Performance, durability and flexibility were decisive aspects for the bakery, but above all the plant was required to make do with little space.


Dr. Schär Deutschland GmbH increased production performance by integrating a new picker cell into a plant that had existed for twenty years.


Food Fraud is being talked about everywhere, at the latest since Version 6.1 of IFS Food was published in late 2017. But what exactly is Food Fraud and what needs doing now? This article gives an overview.


An explanation of the EuGH (European Court of Justice) judgement of 20.12.2017