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baking+biscuit issue 2024-01

Thomas Lesaffre is the newly appointed president of the Federation of European Manufacturers and Suppliers of Ingredients to the Bakery, Confectionery and Patisserie Industries – Fedima. He shared his views on the role of the association in defending the industry and the work ahead, in support of the organization’s members, their customers and the consumer.


Savimex has been thriving on disruptions; those that came its way and those that it is boldly innovating. The cracker and pretzel producer has made a name for itself in Europe and beyond, with its own brands including Savi, and private-label offerings.


An enticing range of breads is carefully crafted to answer the consumer’s unwavering love for a slice of wholesomeness, whether it’s an artisan-style bread or roll, ciabatta, focaccia, or a baguette. It’s their time to shine, in all creative interpretations, with the technology ready to reliably back up production.


In recent years, numerous food categories have expanded their plant-based offerings – and the bakery sector is no exception. This is not just a fleeting fad; it represents a profound transformation in the way people view and choose food.


The conversation around increasing manufacturing sustainability will unavoidably start with analyzing ovens, for any baking operation. Visible results are a necessity.


In all its iterations, from dark to milk, from ruby to white, chocolate is the undisputed consumer favorite for any moment of indulgence, and a trusted ingredient for a world of bakery offerings. With chocolate as the answer, the only question that remains is how to deliver its optimum properties in any shape and state required by its host product.


MECATHERM unveiled its latest oven in October last year, at iba. Since then, the M-VT vertical oven has also been presented at Gulfood Manufacturing, which makes two/two for this piece of equipment in terms of trade shows attended vs. awards gained.

All information is valuable information in the realm of inspecting products throughout the entire manufacturing process, through to packaging. Automated inspection systems are able to guarantee top product quality and safety – no exceptions allowed.


Bread, a staple of the daily diet, has a history intricately linked to human civilization. Among its myriad forms, ‘flat’ breads stand out due to their distinctive thinness, ranging from mere millimeters to a few centimeters in thickness.