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bbi-2024-01-Savoir faire at Savimex, in Bulgaria

Savimex has been thriving on disruptions; those that came its way and those that it is boldly innovating. The cracker and pretzel producer has made a name for itself in Europe and beyond, with its own brands including Savi, and private-label offerings.

In his travels, Danko Savov is an avid seeker of new and different snacks: the second-generation owner of Savimex looks for unusual and exciting finds at snack aisles in supermarkets around the world. Each destination means one additional suitcase full of local product samples for the return trip. Bread sommelier training builds expertise for master bakers in Germany; in a similar way, he has been researching and tasting snacks. From the samples he collects, the owner of Savimex selects, step by step, features he believes are best and have the best potential to develop new products that will enjoy market success.