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ALDI Nord debuts AI-powered frictionless supermarket

ALDI Nord is rolling out an AI-powered cashierless grocery store in Utrecht, with frictionless checkout technology provided by Trigo, an Israel-based computer vision company.

ALDI Netherlands’ ALDI Shop & Go, opened for business on July 20. This is a 370 sqm, AI-powered autonomous supermarket where shoppers can walk in, select their items, and simply walk out without having to queue at the checkout lane or scan any items. Trigo applies its algorithms to shelf sensors and ceiling-mounted cameras which analyze anonymized shoppers’ movements and product choices. Payments and receipts are settled digitally.

It is the first such store to open to the public in The Netherlands, ALDI said in an announcement. It is also Trigo’s largest store format to date.

Sinanudin Omerhodzic CTO at ALDI Einkauf SE. & Co. oHG, said, “The true magic of discount retailing is simplicity. We therefore always use technology where it specifically makes us better and faster. With ALDI Shop & Go, we have developed a concept that brings together the discount idea and computer vision technology – always with the aim of making shopping as easy as possible.”

Michael Gabay, Trigo’s co-founder and CEO, said, “Trigo works closely with top retailers to convert their existing stores while maintaining their unique character and layout, and leveraging their physical grocery scale to roll out next-generation offerings securely. We are particularly proud to work with ALDI Nord, which has been at the forefront of grocery retail innovation for nearly a century.”

Photo: ALDI Shop & Go. Credit: ALDI Nord