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American Pan to showcase expanded portfolio at iba

American Pan is preparing to exhibit a comprehensive range of baking solutions at iba, including those from Runex and Turbel, companies that joined American Pan since the last iba. The focus will be on eco-friendly solutions, energy-efficient and smart equipment.

Jason Bowman, President, American Pan Europe & MENA, shared in an interview preparation updates, what visitors can expect at the stand, and the company’s focus for R&D.

Jason Bowman, President, American Pan Europe & MENA

Baking+Biscuit International (BBI): What are you preparing to exhibit and what new developments are you highlighting at the iba stand in 2023?

Jason Bowman: At the iba stand in 2023, American Pan from Bundy Baking Solutions is planning interactive demonstrations and extensive product showcases to highlight their comprehensive baking solutions. We are proud to showcase our latest advancements in baking technology, including our state-of-the-art baking pans, trays, and related equipment. We will also highlight our commitment to sustainability by presenting eco-friendly solutions and our efforts to reduce environmental impact within the baking industry.

In addition, we are excited to announce that since the last iba edition, we have expanded our company by welcoming two new additions to American Pan – Runex and Turbel. This expansion has not only broadened our expertise but has also allowed us to establish facilities in Sweden, Germany and Turkey, further strengthening our presence in key markets.

BBI: What special events at the stand should visitors save in their fair agenda?

Bowman: We are currently finalizing the details for iba 2023. While specific activities are yet to be confirmed, we are planning live product showcases, and engaging presentations by our expert team Our goal is to provide visitors with a unique opportunity to immerse themselves in our innovative products, gain insights into the latest baking advancements, and interact with our knowledgeable staff. We are dedicated to ensuring that every visitor to our stand enjoys a valuable and engaging experience, making their time at iba 2023 truly memorable.

BBI: What industry trends are you focusing on, this year and beyond?

Bowman: In terms of industry trends, American Pan is focusing on several key areas this year and beyond. Firstly, sustainability and energy savings remains a significant focus for us. With already proven technology and experience, we are committed to continuously developing eco-friendly solutions, such as energy-efficient baking equipment to support the industry’s efforts toward a greener future.

Furthermore, we are investing in research and development of smart baking equipment that incorporates artificial intelligence and IoT capabilities, enabling bakers to optimize their processes, reduce waste, and maintain consistent quality throughout production.

BBI: What industry dynamics do you anticipate and prepare for? Please highlight your main R&D priorities.

Bowman: Anticipating industry dynamics is crucial for American Pan, and we are constantly monitoring the market to stay ahead of emerging trends. As part of our R&D priorities, we emphasize the development of energy-efficient baking equipment and processes to address sustainability challenges. Additionally, we are investing in cutting-edge materials and coatings that improve the performance and lifespan of our baking pans while reducing energy costs at the bakeries. Our main R&D priorities revolve around developing technologies that empower our customers to operate efficiently and sustainably while servicing their customers in this dynamic and competitive industry.

Market globalization is another important consideration. We are adapting our product offerings to cater to the diverse needs of bakeries worldwide and ensure our solutions align with different regional preferences and regulations.

Additionally, food safety and compliance are of utmost importance to us. We invest in research and development to meet and exceed industry standards, ensuring that our baking equipment and materials are safe, hygienic, and compliant with relevant regulations.

Overall, our main R&D priorities are driven by the commitment to provide innovative, sustainable, and efficient baking solutions that empower our customers to stay ahead in a dynamic and competitive industry.

Photo: American Pan