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Angel Yeast invests in new enzyme project

Angel Enzyme Preparation, a subsidiary of Angel Yeast, announced a new green manufacturing project is in progress, in Angel Biotechnology Industrial Park, as of September 2021. Once complete, the project will have an annual enzyme production output of 5,000 tons. The new project will cover 80 hectares and has a planned total investment of RMB 340 million. It aims to establish a sustainable and intelligent manufacturing base for new enzyme preparations, and is estimated to be completed by Q4 2022. After being put into production, it is expected the project will generate RMB 350 million in annual revenue — including RMB 130 million in profits — and create 200 jobs, the company estimated.

“Angel Yeast’s green manufacturing project marks a significant milestone for the company. With this project, we will be able to meet the production capacity requirements of Angel Yeast’s enzyme preparations business in the future, while also continuing to enhance our sustainability efforts. Using green and intelligent manufacturing processes, this project accelerates the pace of Angel Yeast’s development as we strive to become a global professional biotech company,” said Zhihong Du, General Manager of Angel Enzyme Preparation and the leader of the project.

Angel Enzyme Preparation was established in 2021 as a wholly-owned subsidiary of Angel Yeast and is registered in Yichang, Hubei Province.

Angel Enzyme Preparation specializes in enzyme preparations such as nuclease, deaminase, glutaminase, lactase, and protease, which are widely used in baking, among others.

Looking ahead, Angel Yeast announced it would diversify its production capabilities with a focus on yeast, health food ingredients, nutritious health foods, and the development of new biological technologies.