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Ashworth launches plastic spiral systems at iba

At iba, Ashworth is preparing to launch its newest plastic offerings and showcase its SmartOven solution, together with the SmartSpiral® Monitoring System. The PosiDrive Spiral® System will be displayed. The company shared their preparation highlights and industry views in an interview.

f2m: What are you preparing to exhibit and what new developments are you highlighting at the iba stand in 2023?

Ashworth: Ashworth continues to provide innovative conveyor solutions and the ability to offer customers the best of both worlds – metal or plastic belt solutions, custom-designed for product needs. At iba, we plan to launch our newest plastic offerings. Attendees will have the opportunity to view our PosiDrive Spiral® System—the industry’s original direct drive spiral. We will also offer demonstrations of our newest addition to our smart technology, Ashworth’s SmartOven® along with our SmartSpiral® Monitoring System.

f2m: What market trends are you focusing on, this year and beyond?

Ashworth: Customized needs. We have some of the best experts in the field and our focus is and always will be partnering with distributors and end-users to meet their specific needs when it comes to baking, proofing, and freezing products.

f2m: What industry dynamics do you anticipate for the following years? Please highlight your main R&D priorities.

Ashworth: Understanding and addressing the belting challenges being faced by the industry is the base for R&D. Our development efforts are led by those challenges. Belts to handle heavier loads, wider processes and that are easier to clean and sanitize have always been a focus. Longer lasting, easy to install and maintain belting solutions are always at the top of the list.

Currently, we’ve added the challenge of maintaining product orientation and expansion of our Smart Technology Systems are all being investigated.  At Ashworth, the challenge is our priority.

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Photo: Ashworth