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Baker Perkins debuts complete line capability at IBIE

At IBIE, Baker Perkins will introduce complete, automated lines to the range of solutions it can provide. The processing lines are built in partnership with its parent company, Schenk Process. Following Baker Perkins’ acquisition by Schenck Process Group in 2020, representatives from both Baker Perkins and Schenck will be on Booth 2800 at IBIE. Baker Perkins will also launch two new laboratory-scale units in Las Vegas.

The TruClean servo-driven wirecut machine also received an upgrade and now runs up to 300 rows per minute. The machine on show will also incorporate new TruWeight cookie weight control technology, the company anticipates. The TruWeight Assisted Weight Control reduces variations in piece weights by individually adjusting the output from each die cup.

Baker Perkins’ laboratory scale machines are used for new product development, ingredient and recipe testing and process troubleshooting. “We are introducing two new units – the TruClean Servo Wirecut Mini and the 390 Rotary Moulder Mini– which are available in our Innovation Center at Grand Rapids, Michigan and can also be installed in customers’ facilities,” the company says.

Photo: Baker Perkins (pictured: TruClean Servo Wirecut)