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baking+biscuit issue 2021-04
In the spotlight

In our new series of interviews, we look into the value of women’s representation in the business world, at a top management level. Carrie Jones-Barber, Dawn Foods CEO, has graciously agreed to be the first to share her experience and beliefs driving one of the biggest companies in the business.


To consistently produce high-quality pizza, especially at high speeds in industrial environments, all types of equipment on the production line must contribute at the right time, with the exact process they are programmed to perform.

AMF Tromp has developed a smart applicator solution for pizza production, cloud-based software that uses artificial intelligence to automate quality control for pizza toppings such as cheese. At the end of the production line, this means minimizing product waste, standardization and efficiency.


Conveyor systems work under demanding conditions in bakeries. Maintaining them in top shape is the first step to efficiency in production; upgrades will then guarantee optimum performance in handling processes for truly competitive-level manufacturing.

It takes considerable experience to determine which belt works best with specific bakery products. Ashworth provides recommendations in terms of materials, design, and engineering. The choice will be the result of an extensive checklist and case-by-case analysis.

The benefits of innovative, custom-made bakeware only begin with providing support for baked goods throughout manufacturing. Minute details in their make-up, design, coating and handling amount to a lot in terms of efficiency and bring significant process improvements in industrial baking.

In the USA they are called ‘Pig(s) in a blanket’, in Germany ‘Würstchen im Schlafrock’ (sausages in a dressing gown), in Russia ‘Sosiska v teste’ and in Denmark ‘Polsehorn’. Sausages wrapped in dough are certainly in demand internationally. However, solid fillings pose a challenge for the coiling process.

Deck ovens provide such reliable and flexible configurations that they can be conveniently used for a wide range of products, all in a design that is space mindful.


Rademaker aims to build on and share the knowledge it has acquired through the years, and its Technology Center is proof of that. Since 2015, sharing knowledge has been expanded with the Rademaker Academy, built around teaching the fine points of production technology and maintenance.


Titanium dioxide (E 171) is no longer considered safe for consumption, according to the updated ESFA evaluation. Rigorous methodology and new data helped fill in data gaps and conclude that genotoxicity concerns cannot be ruled out.

organic market

Premium bakery products are the business segment of the organic wholesale bakery Bio Breadness. For 2021, the Pandriks Group, to which the German subsidiary belongs, expects total sales of EUR 80m. Approval as a Demeter operation now takes the company to the next organic quality level.

Raw materials

Made fresh by hand or industrially par-baked and served with different toppings, there is a whole world of different types of pizza in the market. Recent trends have broadened the pizza landscape, expanding both the producers’ and the consumers’ options. At AAK, it’s the fat flakes that help
deliver the perfect pizza experience.


DIOSNA uses its pharma expertise to stay ahead of new trends in bakery,
while also taking advantage of the latest digital tools in all aspects of their work, from training, everyday operations, customer interface, to cloud-based workspace management, as explained by Henrik Oevermann, DIOSNA Managing Director.


While pizza restaurants are hard at work to regain their footing, pizza brands are riding the innovation wave as they busily launch new offerings
that meet diverse preferences, lifestyles and diets. Many try to replicate the authentic, almost elusive dining-out quality, while better-for-you options explore all sides of what ‘better’ stands for.