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bbi-2018-05-iba innovations (DÜBÖR excerpt)

Numerous exhibitors will present their innovations in Munich. The editors submit a couple of novelties to give trade fair visitors an insight.

Remote Maintenance

At the trade fair, the DÜBÖR company will present the latest innovations connected with control and regulation technology. The new machine generation has been given a user-friendly touch-screen for interactive operator guidance. Due to digital controllers, all the machine’s performance and consumption data are tracked continuously and assessed in the context of preventive maintenance. For instance, the new generation TSA 800 independently reports the need for maintenance depending on the intensity of use. It also has a recipe database through which a wide variety of spray quantity settings can be managed and called up at any time. The DÜBÖR company’s remote maintenance concept rounds off this digital system. Machines and technicians dial in via the Internet. This access is possible through all mobile terminal devices. Data exchange then also said to take place via a secure encrypted connection. A large proportion of malfunctions attributable to wrong settings or incorrect operation can be remedied quickly via the digital access facility without cost- and time-intensive on-site intervention. Machine availability is restored quickly and lengthy unplanned production downtimes are eliminated. The external access facility also enables the immediate adaptation of any processes within the production operation, as well as answers to operation and maintenance questions. The TSA 800 is rounded off by the new nozzle generation, which fulfills the highest hygiene demands through its clean-in-place design.

The article is part of an extended feature, which was originally published in [BBI 5 – 2018]. Read the full article in the magazine: