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bbi-2018-05-iba innovations (KAROW excerpt)

Numerous exhibitors will present their innovations in Munich. The editors submit a couple of novelties to give trade fair visitors an insight.

Flavors from Plauen

KAROW has 70 years of experience, and is now one of the leading flavor specialists in Germany and Europe. Specialist visitors to the trade fair will have an opportunity to get to know the product range, which comprises more than 250 articles. The liquid flavorings and pastes for baked product and dessert manufacture deserve special emphasis. The full product range contains as good as every flavor variety. The selection of flavors is supplemented with ice pastes, toppings and dessert sauces, basic materials for beverage manufacture, and coloring foods. Newly exhibited are the premium clean-label pastes in flavors including strawberry, raspberry, pear, cherry, cassis, sea buckthorn, mandarin, maracuja, lemon, orange, vanilla and lime. At least 95% of the flavorings come from the basic raw materials from which they take their names. The dosage is 30 to 60 g per 1,000 g of batter. The second KAROW highlight are the organic flavorings. These articles conform to the DE-ÖKO-001 Standard and carry the Bio (organic) seal of quality. The product range currently consists of: organic lemon zest paste, organic orange zest paste, organic lemon oil, organic vanilla bean extract, organic lemon flavor, organic bitter almond essence, organic vanilla flavor, organic invert sugar syrup, organic turmeric extract and organic egg liqueur with blossom honey.

f2m-bbi-18-05-IBA-Gebinde Premium Clean-Label Erdbeer

New in the product range: Premium clean-label strawberry paste

The article is part of an extended feature, which was originally published in [BBI 5 – 2018]. Read the full article in the magazine: