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bbi-2018-05-iba innovations (König excerpt)

Numerous exhibitors will present their innovations in Munich. The editors submit a couple of novelties to give trade fair visitors an insight.

The power of the four elements

Under the slogan “König Elements”, the Austrian plant constructor König shows how the power of the four elements Earth, Water, Air and Fire are pooled together in the machine highlights to enable this world’s bakeries to manufacture the best bread and the best rolls. The mechanical engineer will show a variety of innovations at the trade fair, e.g. the Easy Clean model of the Combi Line Plus bread roll plant. The trade fair machine will be demonstrated as the “plus” version with an 800 mm working width. This allows a performance of 33 strokes/minute, corresponding to 11,880 pieces in 6-row operating mode. The Industry Rex Compact AW divider-rounder machine offers a balance between weight accuracy and gentle dough handling. By a variable division of the weigh-out stamp and row arrangements, this machine provides a weight range from 28 to 350 g in only a single compactly-constructed machine. A new user interface simplifies its operation for day-to-day production, as well as for program changes and servicing work. The new Combi Line plus offers the customary variety of round-stamped, long-rolled and molded dough pieces. In addition to stamped bread rolls such as Kaiser rolls and Czech housky rolls, the trade fair machine with a molding station provides the option to manufacture hamburger buns, hot dogs, half baguettes etc.

A multifunctional high-performance plant to produce bread rolls will also be shown. The plant consists of a direct weigher with a capacity of 100 strokes/minute, a proofer and a molding station for a variety of different products.

A cutting/scoring robot for precise, gentle decorative cuts is also new. To enlarge the product portfolio, König is cooperating with the Spanish company Simaupro to offer a cutting robot in the Smart system. This is used to make gentle, precise cuts into various breads, baguettes and rolls. Thanks to the built-in vision system, the exact position of the loaf of bread on the board is recognized and the cutting position is individually adjusted, regardless of the layout on the tray and even for doughs with a high water content.

f2m-bbi-18-05-IBA-rack oven

 The rack oven offers a potential energy saving of up to 20% compared to the predecessor model

The compact G2000 bread roll plant will also be on show. This compact plant with an hourly output rate of approx. 2,500 items is a solution for small and very small businesses or instore bakeries. Up to now, this plant was already able to make stamped products, e.g. Kaiser rolls or folded-in rolls. As a result of additional built-in modules, e.g. with a cutter wheel, it is now able to produce split-top rolls, or with a driven upper belt, hamburger buns can also be made. Fitting a compact König coiler also allows the production of Kornspitz croissants or conical croissants. The plant has an adjustable-height, single-row exit belt for manual removal, and a proofer with approx. 100 loadable indented swing-trays and a proofing time of approx. 2,000 pieces/hour. The divider-rounder can be swiveled out for operation without a proofer, and a higher output capacity of up to 4,800 pieces/hour.

f2m-bbi-18-05-IBA-hygiene model

The hygiene model of the double-shaft mixer

In the ovens area, the Roto Passat SE (Save Energy) rack oven will be exhibited. The main emphasis in its further development was on the “energy efficiency” theme. As a result, this oven offers a potential saving of up to 20% compared to the predecessor model. A newly-developed heating register is the basis for this energy reduction. The heating register, operated on the countercurrent principle, now offers a higher level of efficiency and better heat transfer.

Also on show will be the DW 240-H twin wendel mixer. The robust double-shaft mixer in a stainless steel version produces doughs with short kneading times and low dough warming. Thus this double-shaft mixer provides the basis for high product quality. Hygiene design type “H” has also been implemented for the double-shaft mixer. Thus the new DW 240-H is available as a fully washable model. The DW 240-H hygiene model has the following characteristic features:
+ Machine base-frame and machine top in fully sealed welded construction
+ Stainless steel claddings
+ Stainless steel switchgear cabinet
+ Drain holes in the baseplates of the machine base-frame and machine top
+ Friction wheel drive made of stainless steel
+ Friction wheel drive with spray water runoff
+ Dust-tight mixing bowl cover
+ IP65 touch-panel

The DW 240-H is especially suitable for wheat and fine pastry doughs, as well as for rye and rye mixed doughs.

The article is part of an extended feature, which was originally published in [BBI 5 – 2018]. Read the full article in the magazine: