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bbi-2018-05-iba innovations (MIWE excerpt)

Numerous exhibitors will present their innovations in Munich. The editors submit a couple of novelties to give trade fair visitors an insight.

The wide spectrum of modern baking

MIWE will show the whole spectrum of modern baking at the trade fair. For example, a year ago the company presented for the first time the MIWE shop baking suite (MIWE sbs) – a tool that allows geographically dispersed systems to be managed in overview from one (or several) central point(s). The new MIWE sbs:assist module now also provides more security and digital convenience directly at the preparation area in the branches. This assistance system constantly provides employees with all the required information and instructions clearly and understandably, directly at the preparation point, in addition to which it carries out one or other of them fully automatically. This avoids mistakes, production quality increases and wastage due to rejects decreases.

A whole array of MIWE transport and loading systems ensures rational interlinking of the individual process steps in baked goods production. A small selection of these can be seen in live operation on the stand, from simple loading aids that mainly minimize physical effort and trolley oven feed systems like MIWE assist (in use live in conjunction with a MIWE thermo-static thermo-oil-heated trolley oven) to the MIWE athlet heavy-duty portal loading system (also in live use) that allows highly automated process lines to be implemented even for big throughput volumes.

f2m-bbi-18-05-IBA-MIWE thermo-static mit Beschickung MIWE assist

The MIWE thermo-static thermo-oil-heated trolley oven with the MIWE assist loading system

Vacuum conditioning is a new addition to MIWE’s service portfolio. Via a cooperation project with Cetravac, MIWE has included vacuum conditioning into its portfolio in 2018 to allow it to meet the ever more highly differentiated technological requirements of many customers in an even better way. In the first place, vacuum conditioning in a production operation enables a significantly shorter baking process – with the same degree of browning and identical stability; therefore more moisture also remains in the crumb after conditioning. Secondly, it allows very much faster cooling (and thereby also the further processing) of baked products. With the new technology, a batch leaving the oven at approx. 90 – 98°C needs only 2 to 5 minutes to cool down to approx. 35 – 40°C. As well as speeding up the processes, it also yields longer shelf life and improved storage capability. With vacuum conditioning, pre-baked products attain a storage lifetime of 3 to 7 days at room temperature or when chilled. However, the product itself also benefits, e.g. with improved crispness, optimized volume and better shape stability.

The article is part of an extended feature, which was originally published in [BBI 5 – 2018]. Read the full article in the magazine: