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bbi-2018-05-iba innovations (Multibake HT excerpt)

Numerous exhibitors will present their innovations in Munich. The editors submit a couple of novelties to give trade fair visitors an insight.

All about Pizza

Three brands are represented: Tromp Sheeting & Depositing Systems, Den Boer Baking Systems and VanderPol Waffle Systems. Tromp will present “All about Pizza”, a concept to make the most optimal pizza production with our integrated process line. The concept is highly appreciated by the market due to its efficient way of working with modularly designed equipment.

The booth will also display a section from a Multibake HT tunnel oven. This is a directly heated oven with a stone floor for perfect pizza production. Furthermore, Tromp will show elements of a sheeting line and a topping line. Elements as hygiene, state-of-the-art and easy to use are visible.

f2m-bbi-18-05-IBA-MultiBake D HT

The new Multibake HT tunnel oven

The article is part of an extended feature, which was originally published in [BBI 5 – 2018]. Read the full article in the magazine: