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bbi-2018-05-iba innovations (Sveba Dahlen excerpt)

Numerous exhibitors will present their innovations in Munich. The editors submit a couple of novelties to give trade fair visitors an insight.

Sveba Dahlen
Sveba Connect – Smart Baking, part of Middleby Connect, cloud solution, is the recipe for successful business!
+ Monitor all the bakery’s connected ovens online
+ Better control of the oven’s energy consumption/statistics.
+ Increased operating reliability.
+ Central software update.
+ Save, distribute, download and share recipes between all your fleet of ovens and get or share recipes.
+ All ovens with the Sveba Dahlen SD-Touch panel (SD-Touch panels made from 2012 to 2018) can get updated free of charge during the iba. All subscribers before 31/12/2018 will receive 2019 free of charge. Thereafter, the subscriptions are charged annually.


F 500

Combination oven – S-Series
The success of Sveba Dahlens S-Series has made Sveba develop the oven further. Among other things, Sveba have reviewed the oven’s footprint, and made an efficient oven whose footprint is only 990 mm. During the iba they will show three different combinations in the new color – black.


S-series flexible combination

Deck combination oven
+ 3 decks
+ Turbo function heats up the oven quickly to set temperature
+ Each oven section can be individually controlled with separate settings of the top, bottom and front heat
+ Dual temperature sensors
+ Control panel

Flexible combination oven
+ Combination with rack oven, deck oven and proofer
+ All-in-one oven which bakes everything from stone baked bread to confectionery and ciabattas etc.
+ Very flexible baking station, with proofer, deck oven and rack oven, which improve flexibility in the bakery

Mini rack combination oven
+ Small rack oven with efficiency like a big oven
+  Fast, high-capacity and energy-saving, built-in steam system
+  IBS – alternately rotation of the racks for better baking results
+ Good overview of the baking process with large front window with heat-reflecting double glass and good lighting

F-Series Proofer
Sveba Dahlen has developed a new proofer, the F-Series. At the iba they will show the F500 with all its features and benefits.
+ Reliable, energy-efficient and user-friendly freezer-retarder-
proofer to lowest cost of ownership
+  Available in black or in stainless steel color
+  Demand-controlled fans makes sure that no more air than necessary is circulated. Parameters such as cooling, heating and humidity control the fans in each program phase, running the fan at just the right speed, which makes it quieter and more energy-efficient
+  Equipped with vertical presence-controlled LED lights inside for good insight.
+  Control panel which is easy to operate and with a really user-friendly GUI

Core temperature
Sveba Dahlen has developed a core temperature functionality suitable for all of our rack ovens. At iba the company will show it on a C-Series, C252, rack oven, which is also updated in black.
+  Core Temperature function measures the internal temperature of the dough and shows it on the control panel. It also shows the current temperature and notifies when the desired temperature has been reached. With the core temperature it is easier to achieve perfect baking results every time. Measures temperatures up to 120ºC.


 C 252

Mini deck oven N-Series
Sveba Dahlen has developed a new neat combined deck and pizza oven, the N-Series.
+  Really high baking results with steam to a minimal cost and space
+  Stone hearth and hearth grid as standard
+  Same high-quality baking as in large deck ovens with a unique steam package system and top and bottom heat
+  Very small bench-top oven with outstanding flexibility, which makes it perfect for smaller bakeries, food courts, malls, supermarkets and stores
+  Easy to operate and can easily switch from making high quality buns and pastries to making pizzas with fantastic results
+  Plug and play oven
+  Control panel with touch screen and user-friendly GUI
+  Good insulation and triple-glazed window keeps the heat inside the oven and leads to high efficiency and a good working environment

Rack oven V-Series updates
+  Optimized airflow system and rotation speed for best possible baking results
+  Improved cutting and placing of the isolation plates inside the oven, improving the insulation and increasing thermal efficiency
+  The platform has improved material, providing robust stability and more

The article is part of an extended feature, which was originally published in [BBI 5 – 2018]. Read the full article in the magazine: