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bbi-2019-04-A marketplace of innovation (Shaffer excerpt)

The IBIE 2019, International Baking Industry Exposition, will take place in Las Vegas from 8 to 11 September. On an area of approximately 65,032 m2 more than 1,000 exhibitors will display products and services that pertain to the baking industry.

Shaffer will showcase multiple mixers and dough handling equipment, including the new Select Series Mixer line. Shaffer’s new Select Series Mixers are precisely engineered to offer maximum value and durability. The all stainless-steel construction combined with watertight enclosures and an open frame feature under the bowl, provides the ultimate mix of simple yet sanitary design. The mixer’s single end belt drive system and simple operator controls are comprised of well-known, commonly stocked components that make the mixer easy to operate and maintain. The tilt system can be configured for forward only or forward and reverse tilting of the bowl. Select Series Mixers are available in triple roller bar or single sigma arm models to produce breads, buns, rolls, cookies, granola, and other baked goods. The Shaffer® VerTech® refrigeration jacket provides bakeries peak performance and efficiency, with the most effective, durable, and energy efficient bowl cooling available. The VerTech® jacket is specifically designed for triple roller bar mixers that demand mixing durability; it easily holds up to stiff doughs and high horsepower machines without increasing mix time. In accelerated fatigue testing on a full-scale model, using over twice the force of a low absorption dough, the VerTech® jacket showed no damage, even at over 40 times more cycles than other conventional jacket designs.

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Shaffer’s new Select Series Mixers are precisely engineered

Shaffer continues to provide new, simple options for the sanitation of mixers. Schaffer’s agitator shaft seal design has progressed to include fewer parts leading to faster cleaning and superior leak prevention. The shaft seal design achieves superior sealing by applying exact pressure on the inner seal. This pressure forces the inner seal to expand and seal tightly to the agitator shaft preventing dough from leaking.
Shaffer’s new removable flour gate assembly is designed to be easily removed from the canopy to provide access for thorough cleaning of the assembly and area around the flour gate. The assembly uses retained hand knobs that are integrated into the housing to provide tool-free removal in less than one minute and prevent the loss of hardware. Thorough sanitation of the flour gate assembly and surrounding area eliminates sources of allergen contamination and provides a clear check at a critical control point in sanitation evaluations. The assembly can even be retrofitted to existing mixers.

The article is part of an extended feature, which was originally published in [BBI 4 – 2019]. Read the full article in the magazine: