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bbi-2020-01-A plug-in fully automatic proofer

The fully automatic proofer from the plant constructor DEBAG is called the TEFI. The plant can be used to control both proofing and cooling processes, e.g. to always allow proofed dough pieces to be baked off in a branch.


The TEFI fully automatic proofer has space for up to 20 trays (580 × 780 mm) or 40 trays (400 × 600 mm) and can be set up in a branch

The TEFI fully automatic proofer (TEiglingsFrIschhaltung = keeping dough pieces fresh) from the supplier DEBAG Deutsche Backofenbau GmbH, Bautzen/Germany, enables optimally proofed dough pieces with an oven-ready final proof to be produced and stored in a sales outlet. This allows the fully automatic proofer to be loaded with dough pieces on the previous evening, for example. The dough pieces then mature overnight. Next morning, staff can immediately start the first baking process, e.g. in an instore oven. The fully automatic proofers allow both proofing and cooling processes to be controlled. DEBAG promises perfectly cooled, temperature-adjusted, air-conditioned goods. The oven-ready dough pieces are also said to have an optimum state of maturity and a high proofing tolerance. Furthermore, dough pieces can be processed at a low temperature for a prolonged time. The advantage, it is said: pre-matured dough pieces can be stored in the cell and baked off over a longer period of time.

Small and flexible

The TEFI has an intelligent controller to calculate the process time. The equipment has space for up to 20 trays (580 × 780 mm) or 40 trays (400 × 600 mm). DEBAG supplies the TEFI ready to plug in. A normal (230 V) socket outlet is sufficient to operate it. Thus the user can bring the fully automatic proofer into operation immediately after delivery. With its external dimensions (792 × 2,120 × 715 mm or 792 × 2,120 × 1,021 mm), the TEFI easily fits into, for example, a retail sales outlet. Energy losses are prevented by insulation. It also guarantees sustained cooling even if the electric power supply fails. The equipment has an automatic restart, so the proofing process is continued. The company says the TEFI is easy to clean and has a self-closing door with a full-length handle. The door optionally opens to the left or right. The push-in magnetic seal can be changed if it becomes dirty. Adjustable feet allow the plant to be adapted to the floor situation. The construction material of the outer walls is brushed stainless steel. Internally, the plant is cladded with bright-rolled stainless steel. Condensate is drained away via a built-in drain system. The temperature range of the plug-ready, fully automatic proofer is between -20 and +40°C.


Temperature sensors and an intelligent controller help to determine the optimum proofing point and to store the dough pieces for a prolonged period of time