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bbi-2020-01-A power-pack with a recipe assistant

Plants in the REGO HERLITZIUS manufacturer’s PM series promise fast, precise processing of batters and doughs.

With its PM series of planetary, stirring and mixing machines, the bakery machine specialist REGO HERLITZIUS, Wuppertal, Germany, provides artisan confectioners and bakers with a machine portfolio with bowl sizes from 12 to 200 liters, designed to make processing easier, more precise, faster, more hygienic and more pleasant.

Recipe reproducibility is indispensable for confectioners and bakers. Machines in the PM series thereby support users in the context of their extensive standard equipment. According to the company, the mixing and kneading process for the recipes have been optimized under laboratory conditions, and the shapes and curve or radius transitions of the mixing arms are designed to guarantee excellent dough blending.

All REGO HERLITZIUS planetary machines have an electronic controller and a memory computer with thirty-seven 20-step programs and continuously variable electronic rotation speed regulation. The machines’ automatic start-up program is also computer-controlled, which also protects the tools and the machine. The features mentioned above, like the digital time and rotation speed displays, help to ensure accurate recipe production and reproduction.

A comprehensive range of accessories

The standard equipment of the PM series includes a bowl trolley, three tools (a whipping or stirring whisk, a flat stirrer and a kneading spiral) and a set of accessories. All the tools are made from rust-free stainless steel. According to the company, the stirring and whipping whisks are shaped in such a way that the consistency of a recipe yields a stable batter that does not “collapse” and lose volume so quickly. Scrapers, cruciform stirrers and other tools are available as options for the machines.

The high-efficiency drive of the PM series is matched to the IE-2 Class and, according to REGO HERLITZIUS, ensures optimum efficiency. It also says that the wear and noise emission of the planetary gears have been examined under laboratory conditions, and improved based on the knowledge obtained.

f2m-bbi-20-01-production-HERLITZIUS planetary machine

All REGO HERLITZIUS planetary machines have an electronic controller and a memory computer with thirty-seven 20-step programs and continuously variable electronic rotation speed regulation

The bakery machines specialist REGO HERLITZIUS, with more than 100 years of experience, represents modern products that combine function and design. The manufacturer’s product range extends from whipping, stirring and mixing machines to slicing machines and strip bread molding plants. According to the company, the quality standard of the product is very high, as proved by the long lifetime of the machines in use. As well as successful product marketing in the German market, intensive export activities have ensured that the brand is as well-known in Asia today as it is in North America or Europe

Optimized fabrication processes and materials combinations were used to develop a low-maintenance, stable planetary gearbox with maximum smooth running even at the highest operating speeds. The drive from the motor to the planetary gearbox was optimized via a load-dependent, frequency-regulated controller and ensures good running characteristics in any load situation. Integral vibration elements absorb and reduce vibrations transmitted to the frame. The company also says all of the measures mentioned above increase the lifetime of the machines. The plants are equipped with a quick tool-change system. At a bowl size of 40 liters and above, electronic bowl height adjustment allows the bowl to be removed without dismantling the tools. The machines’ low-noise drive also makes working with the PM series pleasant from the acoustic point of view.


All the machine frames in the PM series were designed based on Hygienic Design aspects. Externally, for example, this is visible at details such as adjustable feet and the novel one-piece protective cover with a filling window over the bowl. All the covers are simple to remove and easy to clean. The film panel emphasizes the orientation to the highest hygiene requirements and to DIN EN 454. The shafts to accept the tools are made entirely from stainless steel with a quick-change system.

Uwe Paass, CEO of REGO HERLITZIUS, explains: “We have put together a total package for confectioners and bakers in the shape of our PM series of planetary machines that on the one hand work very precisely due to their complex computer controllers, while at the same time operating powerfully and durably as a result of their robust drive and gearbox designs. The extensive standard series equipment including accessories also make the planetary machines economically attractive, and their many other features render them very user-friendly in operation.”