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bbi-2020-01-An intelligent mixer

The KRONOS mixer from the WP BAKERYGROUP promises consistent mixing results independent of the personnel and fluctuating raw materials properties.


 The mixer is available in sizes designed for 160, 200 and 240 kg of dough/batch

Continuously consistent and thus standardized dough quality – that’s what bakeries aim at when mixing. To achieve this, many mixers can be controlled via fixed mixing and kneading times. However, changes in the surrounding conditions and/or temperatures, together with fluctuating raw materials qualities and the “human factor” or specialist knowledge and experience, play a big part when producing an optimally mixed dough, and need to be taken into account. Many mixer operators intervene in the mixing process based on their own judgement and expert knowledge. There are no longer any individual influencing factors with the WP BAKERYGROUP’s KRONOS digital because, as the company promises, the mixer autonomously determines the optimum full kneading time based on measured facts alone, independent of the personnel. The mixing process is terminated automatically. Any required under- or over-kneading can be defined at the same time, depending on the recipe.

The right moment

The KRONOS digital is equipped with sensors to record data, directly in the dough or indirectly via the controller, during the entire mixing process. These data give information about the state of the dough based on, among other things, the temperature profile, viscosity, elasticity and stiffness of the dough. This knowledge enables the mixer to automatically adjust mixing and kneading times to the dough’s properties and to changed raw materials properties and environmental parameters. Based on the flour and water temperatures, among other things, the mixer recognizes the correct moment to automatically switch over from the mixing phase to the kneading phase. Finally, as WP explains, the plant uses the development of the gluten compound as a reference value to terminate the kneading process when the dough has reached its desired optimal condition.

Data base

The KRONOS digital is easy to operate. The required recipe must be chosen, after which the entire mixing and kneading process runs fully automatically under recipe control. The batch size and/or filling quantity and the required degree of kneading can be included when the recipe is saved. The KRONOS digital makes an unbroken digital record of various data, e.g. energy absorption or the temperature of the surroundings and of the dough. This simplifies retrospective quality control, and makes sources of error in the production process traceable. The wide data base also leads to greater process know-how, which in turn helps to optimize operating procedures and to intervene at an early stage if quality deviates from the required level and there is a threat of rejected product. For example, the mixer also detects incorrect dosage. In this case the mixer stops the process automatically and sends an appropriate message to the relevant person.


The mixer records various data and ensures consistent mixing results. Under- or over-mixing can also be defined when required

According to the company, the KRONOS digital is suitable for all wheat and wheat mixed doughs with a TA (dough yield) from 145 to particularly soft doughs. Like all WP Kemper’s spiral mixers, the KRONOS digital also operates on the 3-zones mixing principle. This involves incorporating a large amount of energy into the dough through rapid, intensive blending of the ingredients. It also says the input of a large amount of oxygen ensures stronger gluten formation together with an increased absorption of water by the dough. This is intended to result in fluffier doughs that are easy to process.

The KRONOS digital is compatible with all bowls in the KRONOS, PRESIDENT and TITAN series, and can be used with existing bowl tippers. The bowl trolleys have rubber rollers to ensure quiet operation. The mixer can be used as a stand-alone mixer or in the KRONOS LINEAR SYSTEM. It is available in sizes designed for 160, 200 and 240 kg of dough/batch.