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The protective screens for Varimixer’s planetary mixers are now made of stainless steel. Elongated viewing windows give a clear view of the condition of the batter.

Since the firm was founded in 1915, the Danish company Varimixer – part of the American Middleby Group – has specialized in constructing mixing machines operating analogously to the planetary system. On planetary mixers well-known under the name BÄR, the stirrer tool rotates anticlockwise around its own axis, while the stirrer head operates in the opposite direction. The accurately matched ratio of tool to bowl enables complete coverage of the batter without the tool touching the bowl wall.

As a result of the planetary movement pattern, egg white, crèmes, sponge cake batters and cream, which require a high rotation speed, are quickly and stably whipped using the whisk. Use of the stirrer enables crèmes, sand cake batters and fillings to be homogeneously blended. For this purpose it is advisable to use a scraper to additionally scrape batter from the bowl wall and guide it back again in the opposite direction to the rotating tool, thus ensuring an optimum result of the stirring.

The manufacturer offers the ERGO series to produce larger batches of batters and fillings. ERGO models 60 L,100 L and 140 L are used in the pastry and confectionery departments of larger artisan businesses, and in large and industrial operations.

Ergonomic handling

The stirrer tool on the ERGO series of models can be clamped into the freely accessible shaft of the stirrer head at an ergonomic working height by means of a bayonet fixing. A bowl trolley is used simply to move the bowl into the gripper arms, which lock it firmly and raise it to working height by a lift system. Shortly before the bowl reaches the final stirring position, the stirrer tool turns slowly and gently into the batter. When the mixing process is complete, the bowl is automatically lowered and can be taken out of the machine again without previously removing the clamped-in tool. Batters can be poured into the filling machine by using various bowl tippers that are matched to the bowl system.

Process operation is frequency-controlled via an inclined display with piezoelectric pushbuttons. The panel has an impervious stainless steel surface, is easy to clean, and is dustproof and waterproof. Mixing programs are simple to store by using the Remix function: after the mixing program has ended, the process, with all the movement operations and pauses, can be saved as a program.

New protective screens

The plant’s new protective screens are now fabricated from robust stainless steel and, according to company’s information, have a long lifetime in daily production operation. Elongated viewing windows give a clear view of the condition of the batter at the same time. The company also says the two protective screens are simply opened horizontally for cleaning in a dishwasher, and are removable with a single hand movement. ERGO models conform to Protection Class IP53. As an option, the mixing machines are also offered with a water-tight stirrer head and additional seals in accordance with Protection Class IP 54. Different versions of the whisk and stirrer are available, depending on requirements. The machines have a small footprint and, the company also says, run quietly even at high speeds.