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bbi-2020-01-The new L’Artisane baguette line

The L’Artisane baguette line is destined to change the world of industrially produced baguettes.
As a result of Benier’s new system, the baked products are designed to achieve high quality without final proofing.

aguettes with crumbs on weathered background

The baguettes have an open structure. It is also said that the proportion of yeast can be reduced and the TA (dough yield) increased

Benier Nederland B.V., a company in the Netherlands-based Kaak Group, has developed a new plant to produce large quantities of baguettes without final proofing. Benier Nederland B.V. reports: “We are proud to present our new DrieM L’Artisane baguette line. This line is the only industrial baguette line that produces your perfect artisan baguette.” According to Benier, the proofed dough is made up gently and no longer needs final proofing.
Moreover, the concept is capable of integration into existing industrial baguette plants. The patented process is said to allow the production of up to 15,000 baguettes per hour. It is also said that L’Artisane creates a traditional baguette by adhering to the original traditional recipe with small amounts of yeast and a large proportion of water. This also means lower costs and high profitability. The Editors are attempting to discover more information about the new system, and to present it in more detail in a forthcoming issue.