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bbi-2020-02-fermentation for minimal effort

The F-Series proofer concept from Sveba Dahlen belongs to a new generation of proofers jointly developed with bakers from all over the world. Smart functions are given high priority to simplify and streamline everyday workflows at the bakery. The proofers not only give complete control of the entire fermentation process, they are also designed to meet the baker’s need for easy handling and feature well thought-out options for the control panel and for easy cleaning, energy efficiency and long service life.

The F100 is the solution for those who have the possibility to convert a room in their premises into a proofer. Maximum volume is a steam capacity up to 40 m3 which is achieved by connecting four separate F100 units. The moisturizer is of a very high standard and can be placed anywhere in the space. The location of the digital panel is also flexible and it can be beneficial to have it outside the fermentation space.


F200 – flexible, freestanding and energy-efficient proofer with great capacity and a small footprint. Performance out of the ordinary with modern technology in the form of ultrasound vaporizers that generate an even flow of moisture for an optimal fermentation process, without the risk of drying out the dough. The proofer’s sleek design means that it suits all environments – from the small in-store bakery to larger supermarkets. It also comes in two colors: stainless steel and black. The proofer’s digital touch panel is easy to use and is placed at an ergonomic height next to the window, which also provides a clear view of the process thanks to LED lighting. The flexible design of the guides means that the proofer can be quickly adapted for different sized trays. The F200 is available as both a retarder-proofer and as a standalone proofer.

“We are delighted to launch the proofer of the future,” says Åsa Ericsson, Head of Marketing at Sveba Dahlen. “This means that we have an extremely enticing offer for our customers who currently choose to buy a rotating mini rack over, for example, the S-Series, from us. They can now achieve even greater volume in their baking using the F200 retarder-proofer as a complement to the oven, at a very reasonable cost. The F200 also serves as an complement to our deck oven, the D-Series,” continues Åsa.


Top-class model

F500 – simply put, our top-class model of freezer-proofer, retarder-proofer and proofer for performing both traditional fermentation and dough-on-demand. Functions as an outstanding complement to our larger rack ovens. Equipped with the latest technology to facilitate the daily work at the bakery. It treats the dough with great care – no more dried-out or over-fermented doughs. The design is well-conceived and adapted to the everyday work of a baker, with features like a user-friendly touch panel, optimized lighting with a daylight effect, and a reliable “oversleep function”. And all 8 models in the series are of course easy to keep clean. “We’ve focused our product development process on optimizing the utility value for bakers; the cabinet must be flexible and quick to clean, and its fermentation, dough retarding and freezing settings must be easily adjustable,” says Ion Folea, R&D Manager, Sveba Dahlen.

The F500 is made of sturdy materials, tried-and-tested components guarantee the cabinet’s performance and long service life. Stainless-steel baking trays and a sustainable plastic drain valve will withstand the stress and strain of bakery production time and time again