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bbi-2020-03-Cookie production systems
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There are both automatic and manual solutions for cookie production.
Albert Handtmann Maschinenfabrik GmbH & Co. KG, Biberach/Riss, offers various processes.


Using an FS 510 molding system for automatic cookie production

Albert Handtmann Maschinenfabrik GmbH & Co. KG, Biberach/Riss, Germany, develops and builds system solutions to manufacture baked goods and confectionery with the core functions divide, mold and meter the dough. Product areas include bread, baked goods, bread rolls, snacks, trend products and more. There are both automatic and manual solutions for cookie production.


Handtmann FS 510 or FS 520 molding machines in conjunction with a VF 800 portioning machine enable automatic, multi-row dough division/extrusion and molding. The company reports that the molding tubes have a quick-change capability, allowing a wide range of variants through fast product change times. It also says the use of a driven filling flow divider guarantees very accurate weights per row and piece. Examples of products include biscuits and cookies of various types, e.g. gluten-free or with chunky ingredients such as nuts or chocolate. The FS 510 molding system can be used to produce on up to 24 rows simultaneously. Product batter is fed from a VF 800 portioner machine to the 6 to 24-row filling flow divider integrated into the FS 510. The servo-driven filling flow divider guarantees a continuous filling flow on all the rows. Separation takes place without interruption, directly at the product outlet and linearly relative to product speed. The required product shape is produced by format tools. The company says production is possible on trays, grids or a conveyor belt. Cookies with a 20-g portion size and a product diameter of 435 mm and product height of 15 mm are one example of production. Portioning directly onto the belt achieves 10,800 pieces per hour or 216 kg/hour.

Cutting unit

The MSE 441 manual cutting unit used in conjunction with a VF 800 or VF 600 B portioning machine is suitable for producing cookies of a wide variety of types. With this solution, product batter from the portioning machine is pre-portioned and passed to the manual MSE 441 cutting device. A format insert carries out the shaping. Depending on the product batter, cutting is optionally via a manually-operated knife or a wire cutter. The knife is handled in a simple “flip-flop mode”. Molding component changeover is possible by simple plug-and-play without using any tools. Standard format inserts are available in diameters of 30/40/50/60/70/80 mm. An example of use is the production of cookies with a 20-g portion size, a portion height of 15 mm and a portion diameter of 45 mm. Two operators and a VF 608 B with a MSE 441 are able to achieve a capacity of up to  2,500 pieces per hour,  equivalent to 50 kg/hr.


 The quick-change procedure for molding tubes allows a large number of variants


An MSE 441 manual cutting unit on a VF 608 B portioning machine for cookie production