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bbi-2020-04-Favorite cakes across Europe

The coronavirus has led many people to fill their time at home with baking, with searches for baking recipes up 136% between March and June*.

*According to Google Trends


Interested in the cakes consumers have been craving at home, analysed search volumes for popular cakes across Europe to find each country’s favourites.

Results include:
+ The most searched-for cake across Europe is tiramisu, a favourite in France, Italy and Belgium.
+ Germany’s favourite cakes are muffins, with a whopping 100,000 searches a month.
+ Poland like their cakes close to home – the Easter delight Mazurek is preferred with 60,000 searches per month.
+ Spain’s favourite is carrot cake. 34,000 people a month crave the dessert.

The preferred cake in three out of ten countries, tiramisu is a Europe-wide favourite. France, Belgium and Italy love the rich coffee classic, with 246,000, 40,500 and 246,000 people searching for it every month, respectively.

The creamy cheesecake is the second most popular cake, a favourite in the Czech Republic (27,100) and Greece (9,400).

Surprisingly, Spain’s favourite is carrot cake. The polarising dessert trumped the likes of cheesecake, tiramisu and even tocino de cielo (a Spanish classic) to become the nation’s favourite. 34,000 Spaniards search for them every month.

Note: ‘Cakes’ in this study are defined as any dessert which is made from cake-like recipes, is arranged and eaten as one and/or is traditionally defined as one.