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bbi-2020-04-Free forming
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For the production of small pastries, the plant manufacturer Handtmann offers solutions for fully automatic production. The
company promises dough dividing, forming and depositing in one step.

 For the production of rustic and glutenfree biscuits, Albert Handtmann Maschinenfabrik GmbH & Co. KG, Biberach/Riss, Germany, offers an application solution that divides, shapes and deposits soft and precooked doughs in one process step. Under the term “free forming”, a wide variety of product shapes such as round (e.g. Vinschgauer, gluten-free soft buns), oblong (e.g. rye rolls, gluten-free baguette rolls) and more can be produced, the company has announced. Here, soft, pre-cooked doughs (e.g. rye rolls with up to 100% rye content) can be placed directly into baguette trays or onto trays/peel boards after dividing and forming.

Moulding system

The Handtmann system solution, consisting of a VF 800 dough divider and the FS 520 forming system including servo-driven filling flow divider, enables fully automatic production of bread, rustic biscuits and baked goods such as gluten-free soft buns, according to the company. Production can be flexibly carried out on up to eight lanes/rows. The dough pieces can optionally be placed on trays, in baguette trays or directly on the conveyor belt. The “free” gentle shaping and the possibility of processing different types of dough offer scope for a wide range of product ideas, as well as gluten-free biscuits. The visualization of the product shape and the calculation of the process parameters are done on the fly via the screen of the VF 800 control system. In a fully automatic production process, the dough is fed from the VF 800 to the filling flow divider in the FS 520 forming system. The filling flow divider with servo drive guarantees an exact volume flow, the company continues. This is the prerequisite for the gram-precise final weights of the individual dough pieces. The dough flows into the forming module in multiple lanes via the filling flow divider. The product is formed by a rotating perforated plate system. By exchanging a few format parts, a mould change can be carried out quickly and easily. Besides the main advantage of automated portioning, shaping and depositing of the dough pieces on baking product carriers in one step, another advantage of this system solution is the high weight accuracy. Due to the completely oil-free and flour-free dough piece and mould principle, further costs can be saved and process hygiene improved.

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Dough band machine in ‘Easy Clean’ design

The Artisan SFM EC will process both fine-pored doughs and coarse-pored doughs with high water content gently and accurately, and can process a wide range of bread roll varieties from corn snacks to crispy fresh to Mediterranean ciabatta. The Artisan SFM dough band machine in the ‘Easy Clean’ design is made as a modular system. It is easy to clean because the most important parts can be easily dismantled and nothing sticks to the surfaces due to the sloping surfaces and generous legroom. Since the system can be quickly adapted to different products, it is suitable for craft businesses.

The plant has a dough throughput of 400 to 1,200 kg per hour for rolls and 400 to 1,500 kg per hour for bread. For square rolls this corresponds to a capacity of 16,200 pieces/hour with 6-row operation and 45 strokes/min.

Another special feature of the system is that the special shaping of the dough band without residual dough means that the dough quantity is 100% used, as opposed to other systems which have losses of more than 15% due to residual dough, according to König. Forming tools such as inserts of the rounding station, cutting or punching tools can be easily changed without tools. Flour and sprinkling containers can also be changed easily by means of a slide-in unit.

System solution

A product and process example for bread roll production is the production of small rye rolls with up to 100% rye content in baguette trays. The Handtmann system solution consists of a VF 800 dough divider with FS 520 forming system. The process solution can optionally be supplemented with a sifter to flour the portioned dough pieces. The production parameters here are as follows: Dough resting time 30 minutes, dough yield 186, dough insertion 150 g, cycle rate 45 cycles (corresponds to a capacity of 16,200 pcs/h) with deposit of 6 x 5 pcs/sheet and sheet size of 580 x 980 mm. The company also offers other suitable system solutions for the production of small baked goods.