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bbi-2020-04-Slicing and packing breads
f2m-bbi-20-04-production-BS45 & Vertec30frei

REGO HERLITZIUS offers a combination of the BS 45 belt slicing machine and the Vertec 30 for large bakeries to slice and pack breads.

The REGO HERLITZIUS BS 45 is a powerfully performing, fully automatic belt slicing machine that can be used to slice a wide variety of bread types in continuous flow-through operation. The belts are arranged at an angle relative to the infeed, thus achieving optimum slicing results. Adjustable belt oiling assists the slice quality of the cutting process. Hardened belt knife guides that can be arranged in different slice thicknesses ensure stable, low-wear production.

A variety of cutting belts and tooth arrangements are available for different bread types, and the Teflon coating of the belts and belt guides give good cutting properties, because they reduce the coefficients of friction between the wearing parts.

Easy to clean

Doors that open sideways make the machine easy to clean and simple to maintain. Belts are changed by releasing the tension on the hardened belt drums; the belts can then be easily removed from the machine’s interior. Optional accessories such as driven belts at the infeed or an adjustable driven upper belt allow for good slicing of products with a very wide variety of consistencies.

An integrated bag blow-up table makes a combination with the REGO HERLITZIUS VERTEC 30 packing machine a powerfully performing solution that is attractive for users requiring a capacity of 1,800 breads/hour. An operator fills the bread bags manually.

The VERTEC 30 uses a wire clip to seal the bread bags and a best before date can be printed directly onto the clips by a thermal printer unit. The VERTEC 30 can seal bags with widths in the range from 80 – 200 mm. Setting is via a touchscreen panel directly at the machine. Thus the BS 45 and the Vertec 30 form a compact solution.