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bbi-2020-05-All in one: frying, filling, decorating
f2m-bbi-20-05-production-MB48 DUO mit Impfstation

Deep-fried biscuits have long since ceased to be a seasonal product, as – freshly prepared – they are a customer magnet. Opelka is presenting a combination of the individual production steps that provide flexibility and make savings on personnel and floor space.

The EcoLine is suitable for the production of all kinds of deep-fried pastries, such as Berlin pancakes and donuts made of yeast dough, as well as for doughnuts, curd cheese balls or salty variants made of choux pastry, such as the increasingly popular churros and croquettes. The baking station is made up of Opelka MB 48 or MB 60 series deep-frying units and, depending on the baking time, has a capacity of up to 800 Berlin pancakes per hour (with MB 48-based station) or 1,000 Berlin pancakes per hour (MB 60). According to the manufacturer, its space requirement is only 6 m2.

Together with an independently operating, dockable filling station, the two or more deep-frying units become the EcoLine, which can be operated by just one person.


The Berlin pancakes are filled automatically, right up to refilling the jams. In the double filling function, two filling points can be set per Berlin pancake, either with the same mass or with two different masses. The newly developed eccentric screw filler can be completely dismantled and – like the entire station – is easy to clean. All components are mobile and can either be pushed into a cleaning cell or cleaned on-site.
As an option, a sugar roundel or a station can be docked to the EcoLine, which makes all-round sugaring possible; in the case of curd cheese balls, for example, this would be flow-through sugaring.

f2m-bbi-20-05-production-Churros arranged in row isolated on white background


According to the manufacturer, the newly developed grease pump can be used to filter the grease from the tub and pump it back again without the risk of burning. Due to the proven panel heating under the fat trays, resource-saving frying is possible from 25 kg fat per tray (MB 48 DUO). The ratio of baked goods to fat is 1:10 and thus follows the recommendation of the German Society for Fat Science (DGF). The power consumption per pan is 10 kW (16 ampere fuse required). Operation with an extractor bonnet is of course also possible.

Fermentation trays available for the EcoLine come from Opelka’s own production and comply with bakery standards: for MB-48 appliances, they measure 78 x 58 cm, for MB-60 appliances 98 x 58 cm (meter sheet). When using these proofing trays, dusting agents can be dispensed with, which has a positive effect on cleaning, the cleaning effort required and ultimately the spoilage of fat.


The panel heating under the fat trays allows baking from 25 kg fat per tray (MB 48 DUO)