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bbi-2020-05-Dividing, forming and depositing in a single step

Small baked goods production: Innovative dough dividing, forming and depositing in a single step with the FS 520 forming system.

Handtmann offers an application solution for the production of rustic and gluten-free small baked goods that is capable of dividing, forming and depositing soft and pre-proofed dough in a single process step. The term “free forming” means that a variety of product shapes such as round (Vinschgauer, gluten-free soft buns), longish (rye rolls, gluten-free baguette rolls) and more can be created. Soft, pre-proofed dough such as rye rolls with a rye content of up to 100 % can be deposited directly into baguette trays or onto trays/peel boards after dividing and forming.

The fully automatic production of bread, rustic small baked goods and modern trend products, such as gluten-free soft buns is all made possible with the Handtmann system solution, comprising a VF 800 dough divider and the FS 520 forming system including servo-driven flow divider. Production has a high degree of flexibility and can be expanded up to 8 lanes. The dough pieces can be deposited onto trays, into baguette trays or directly onto the conveyor belt. Different types of dough can be processed and with free and gentle forming there is ample scope for a variety of product ideas as well as gluten-free or vegan small baked goods.

The control system of the VF 800 allows for easy visualization of the product shape and calculation of the process parameters via the display. In a fully automatic production process, the dough is fed by the VF 800 to the flow divider in the FS 520 forming system. A precise volume flow is guaranteed due to the flow divider with servo drive, which is a prerequisite for precise-to-the-gram final weights of the individual dough pieces.

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The dough reaches the forming module on multiple lanes via the flow divider. A rotating hole plate system then forms the product. It is possible to alter the shape quickly and easily by changing just a few mould components. Alongside the main advantage of automated portioning, forming and depositing of the dough pieces onto baked goods carriers in a single step, there is the added advantage of exceptionally high weight accuracy and the cost reduction associated with this. The completely oil-free and flour-free dough dividing and forming principle allows for further cost savings as well as the significant improvement of process hygiene.

Rye small baked goods with a rye content of up to 100 % into baguette trays can be produced with this innovative forming system from Handtmann. This process solution can also be supplemented with a flour duster for the dusting of portioned dough pieces. In this case, the production parameters are: Bulk fermentation 30 minutes, dough yield 186, scaling weight 150 g, cycle rate 45 cycles per minute (corresponds to a capacity of 16,200 pieces/hour) with deposit of 6 x 5 pieces/tray and a tray size of 580 x 980 mm. Visit the Handtmann website for more product examples and details of system solutions for small baked goods.